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IN-Resourcing – A Much Improved Version of Outsourcing

IN-Resourcing™ provides the best advantages of outsourcing plus gives you even more where outsourcing falls short!

Ann Turner of Cordner Wilson & Ludeke Pty Ltd had this to say about her BOSS Accountant:

“He learned very quickly, he’s very talented and we’re confident to give him any level of work.”

With IN-resourcing you can:

  • ➨ Hire an experienced accountant that does high-quality work
  • ➨ Reduce your salary costs by over 50%
  • ➨ Increase your profits by as much as 54%
  • ➨ Free up your time so you can focus on your business and clients
  • ➨ Hire an accountant that solely works for your company

What you are being offered is completely different to what has been available until now – a totally unique solution to your staffing and workload problems.

BOSS Pty Ltd (Back Office Shared Services) has taken the best of outsourcing and enhanced where outsourcing fails, into what’s called IN-resourcing™!  A model that is very unique from an outsourcing model.

With IN-resourcing™, you have complete control over the BOSS accountant and the work they provide, as the accountant is solely employed by your company (as compared with outsourcing, where you give up your control of the accounting process to a service provider).

The restructured outsourcing model into In-resourcing™ thoroughly addresses marketplace concerns about control and security of data, and at the same time providing high caliber CA qualified accountants at a salary that suits the BOSS accountants ensuring much higher retention rates and high caliber accountants, but at the same time offering you the cheapest prices on the market today!

  • ➨ You are supplied with experienced accountants
  • ➨ Accountants are fully trained by us
  • ➨ They work in our office not yours. Unlike outsourcing they work YOUR way using YOUR procedures, this ensures the quality of work is very high and completed exactly how you need it done

You maintain complete control as if they were your staff in the next room!

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