Safe Effective and Quality
Offshore Outsourced Accounting,
Completed Ready for Partner Level Review
and Run by Australian Chartered Accountants
Just for Accounting Firms!

Expand your revenue potential and boost profit with…BOSS

Free Trial – Try Outsourcing Accounting Jobs with BOSS

We can complete your client’s:

Trial check


Trial check

Tax Returns

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SMSF Admin

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SMSF Audit*

BOSS can supply:

  1. Permanent accountants and bookkeepers that work part-time or full-time (i.e. 1 to 5 days per week)
  2. Casual SMSF staff for SMSF administration, audit prep and audit work*

You can save over 47% on the cost of employing an accountant in-house (while still maintaining your own in-house high standards of quality assurance, consistency, client confidentiality and security.)

Discover how BOSS can help you dramatically boost your revenue potential!

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Here’s what you get:

Trial checkOne accounting job completed 20 hrs of professional accounting work so you can evaluate us.
Trial checkA fully qualified accountant at your disposal.
Trial checkThe accountants work reviewed by a reviewer ready for a Partner level review by you.
Trial checkInitial kick-off free consultation.

Trial checkPriority phone, email help and support.

Trial checkIntermediary discussions and consultations.

Trial checkOne accounting job completed 20 hrs of professional accounting work so you can evaluate us.

Trial checkFollow-up report…on what to do next.

What can you do in 20 hours…here are some typical examples:

  • ➨  SMSF Prep and Tax Return
  • ➨  Company Tax Return
  • ➨  Individual Tax Return
BOSS Outsourcing Chart: Why is it more effective

What makes us so different from the rest…take a look and compare.

Recognized member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ).YES
Australian Accounting Outsource Specialists.YES
Fully qualified and experienced in-house Chartered Accountants.YES
Continuous training on Australian tax and law.YES
Dedicated Chartered Accountants available that can use your procedures and work papers.YES
Top quality service with PII cover for peace of mind.YES
All accounting work done within our own offices. No working from home.YES
In-house accounting quality controls designed to meet your own standards.YES
You’re in charge. Complete control and authority available. Just like your own staff.YES
Continual team support and in-house supervision.YES
First job review completed ready for Partner level review.YES
Up to the minute online job status reports to monitor progress and productivity.YES
Security and confidentiality is guaranteed.YES
Ability to work online on your network or use our in-house software and licenses.YES
No upfront recruitment fees or additional charges.YES
Initial free consultation and project kick-off meetings.YES

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