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Greg Borchard, MCB Accounting Testimonial

LEE: Describe what your firm is like?

GREG: MCB Accounting is a small practice. We have about 4-5 professional staff. We are situated northwest of QLD where it is difficult to find professional staff. We specialize in small businesses & taxes.

LEE: Why did you consider BOSS, and I know you’ve used an outsourcing company before, I’d like to know a little bit about your experiences of that and what you found were the differences with your last firm and BOSS?

GREG: A couple of years ago we had one or two staff leave and we couldn’t find a suitable replacement. The reason why we came to BOSS was we were looking for a professional staff to assist us in doing processing work just like our own staff would.

LEE: So that’s one of the reasons you considered BOSS. You want that sort of a relationship with someone as if they were a staff member, is that right?

GREG: Yes. The alternative was to prepare back-ups and upload tools into the website, and then the outsourcing firm will prepare the work, and then send again…confusing, cumbersome, the whole process is difficult. What I want is I could have someone just like a staff member that logs in to a system we have and uses programs or whatever business processes we are using, and someone whom I can easily interact with, answering queries and discussing issues. BOSS works well this way.

LEE: And what’s a BOSS Accountant like?

GREG: He is very good. He is as good as any of the professionals that come and work with us.

LEE: Apart from what you’ve explained about the benefits of BOSS in terms of we can work like one of your staff members, is there anything else that strikes you that stands out amongst what BOSS delivers and how it might help you in the future?

GREG: He is a very efficient guy. Communication lines are very good, always open.

LEE: I gather that you’ve got some changes happening at the moment with your firm, you’re part of Nixon Advantage and I think you are implementing some of their recommendations, I’d like to know how’s that going for you and how BOSS can fit in with that?

GREG: What we saw with Nixon Advantage that we had to do was efficiency and we are going to do that with the way we were outsourcing before. Working now with BOSS we saw flexibility in your style of working with our systems, which is very good for us, that makes us efficient.

LEE: Do you think you will still engage anymore of our accountants in the future?

GREG: Yes, we will. When we started with BOSS, I could have taken on a bit more capacity instead of a just part time accountant and now that I am getting used to BOSS, I will get another full time accountant.

LEE: Would you recommend BOSS as a service?

GREG: Yes of course.

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