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Content Marketing – What It Is and Why and How Expert Marketers Are Using It

Content Marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined and understood current and potential consumer bases with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Content Marketing’s basic premise is to provide some valuable information or entertainment – “content” – that stops short of a direct sales pitch or call to action, but which seeks to positively influence a customer in some way.

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4 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Busy Tax Season

We know the idea of trying to do even more during your busiest season seems like a bit of a stretch. But we’d like to suggest that your busy season is also the best season for shaping up your firm’s overall strategy. Why? Because it’s at this time that you’re going to have the clearest picture of where your workflow builds blockages. Here are 4 ways you’ll be able to use the tax return season’s busy pace to set your firm up for a healthy dose of both streamlining and expansion.

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Could Your Team Be Stronger?

Getting the right people under your roof can have a major impact on your business in two ways. First, everyone on your team (including yourself) will enjoy and appreciate their work environment more, resulting in a greater output. Second, filling slots with top tier players will result in your firm being able to pull in more revenue per employee. So today let’s identify some team-building mistakes and look at ways that you can correct them.

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8 Time-Tested Social Media Methods

The upside to social media is that it has the potential to bring explosive growth to your client roster. The downside is that it can be a tremendous time-sink if you’re new to the game and you can’t afford to hire someone else to handle your online marketing for you. While there are all sorts of tweaks and fine-tuning that can help squeeze more out of your social media marketing over time, there are some more basic fundamentals that will help you to at least get the ball rolling.

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Are You Hurting Your Business with Your Blog?

Having a Business Blog is a way for you to give out advice and tips and answer questions, positioning your firm as an authority and becoming the go-to firm for answers. There is however a flipside – a poorly designed blog can harm your business, or at least cut way down on your potential website conversions. Let’s take a quick look at the ways in which a blog can actually hurt your firm and how you can correct these mistakes.

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Costly Accounting Firm Choices That Outsource Accounting Can Help You Cure

Want to Know How to Turn Mistakes Into Money?

Nobody wants to have to tell a client that they screwed up. This in essence is the key – do not say sorry without having a fix. The fix is part of the apology, and the two must always go hand-in-hand if you want to turn a mistake into a money-making opportunity (or at the very least keep your client from taking their business elsewhere).

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Outsourcing Accounting Services – 8 Must-Ask Questions

So you’ve heard of the many financial blessings to be counted in outsourcing accounting. However, it’s not quite as simple as flipping a switch. As an accountant your raison d’etre is making sure your clients get the most out of every dollar. Don’t you deserve the same level of courtesy for yourself? Here are 8 questions BOSS encourages you to ask before you commit to our outsourcing services.

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The Ethics of Outsourcing Australian Compliance Work

If jobs are outsourced what future is there for the next generation? Outsourcing value-add services, especially those requiring emotional intelligence and a lot of face-to-face consultation, probably won’t be outsourced in any volume (if at all?) for another generation. The culture difference is just too much. So there are plenty of opportunities for those willing to expand beyond compliance.

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Enjoying the SMSF Game – SMSF Outsource Solutions

The race is on. SMSF offerings are getting jumped on by Australians, meaning there’s an exploding market of SMSF compliance work for you to grab hold of. It’s a golden opportunity for you to expand an accounting of financial planning firm’s menu of services. But if money is tight it might seem like the price of expansion at this time is just too dear. Happily SMSF outsource solutions can take a lot of the sting out of helping your firm grow.

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Outsourcing SMSFs & How to Sell SMSFs to Your Clients

SMSF accounts continue to gain steam as a way for Australians to manage their own retirement-oriented funds. The Australian Tax Office’s year-end stats show that the Funds are also pushing age boundaries, appealing more and more to the younger set in their mid-30s. That means there is a lot of work to be picked up by your firm – but can you handle the sudden growth? If you’re not sure take a look at SMSF outsource solutions to see how they can work for you.

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4 Big Marketing Mistakes Outsourced Accounting Services Can Help You Mend

Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes When Outsourcing Your Accounting Work

You want your current in-house team on board. In fact, you need them to be firing on all cylinders because making the leap to outsourcing is going to require that you and your team rethink your current work processes. That is not something you want to attempt to do all on your own (unless of course you’re a one-accountant show). Here are 4 big mistakes you should make an effort to avoid when you’re gearing up to evolve to an outsourcing accounting firm:

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How the Outsourced Accountant Will be Able to Add Value to their Client Services

Sell Value, Not Services – BOSS Tips on How to Keep Your Prices Up

Making sure you have highly noticeable Unique Selling Points (USPs) is a effective marketing tool. But we here at BOSS (Back Office Shared Services) would like to remind you that, aside from attracting customers away from your competition, USPs serve another important function – if you don’t offer your clients unique values then the only thing different about your firm from anyone else’s is your price.

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8 Common Leadership Missteps to Avoid to Help Improve Your Accounting Practice

It’s absolutely true that missteps, mistakes, blunders, and outright errors can lead to wonderful insights. But there is no law that says that you have to be the one making these mistakes – you’re free to learn from the mistakes of others. We here at Back Office Shared Services have worked with a lot of firm owners, CEOs, and management execs, and we’ve managed to compile a list of some of the more common errors we see all the time.

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Listen More To Your Clients to Grow Your Firm

One of the greatest challenges we face when working with accounting firms is encouraging them to ask their clients about their needs, and relate them back to the services the firm is providing. Principals and partners of firms will often tell us they already know their clients very well. However,the chances are very high that you do not know your clients as well as you think. When was the last time you sat down with your top clients and really asked them about their business and personal financial goals?

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Must Read Tips for Cloud and Server Security

Everyone’s jumping on the cloud, outsourcing is becoming the norm for accounting firms and telecommuting (even if it’s just for some out of hours work) is becoming more common. But solid, robust security steps can be overlooked. So what can you do to protect your precious data?

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Warning about Use of Dropbox and similar providers

Dropbox is in the news again about security issues (see the links at the bottom). The takeaway is: don’t use the same password for more than one website. You may be interested to know that BOSS has a secure web server with an Intruder Detection System which includes blocking access from an IP address that is not your office IP address. We also have a lockout system that will lock someone out after 5 failed attempts – preventing robots from hacking too!

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Are You Doing Everything You Can to Streamline Your Workflow?

Keeping any organization running at maximum efficiency can be a Herculean task for any manager or CEO. And if you’re looking to expand your company in the future, you’re going to be adding more cogs to the machine – more specialized staff that has to integrate with other sections, more software that also has to be integrated, more services that have to be co-ordinated, and so on. Here are 3 ideas we think will help you streamline your management efforts.

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