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You can give us one job that is up to 10 hours of work that BOSS will do FREE, so you can test our service. You can give us a bookkeeping, financials, tax or SMSF job.


We Can Completely Remove Your Painful Issues of Employing Staff

Would you like to be free of all the typical issues an employer faces like sickness leave, poor performance, write-offs, job hoppers leaving after one or two years, high recruitment costs, management headaches, training headaches and paying for annual leave? Well we have the solution for YOU!

We offer the FREEDOM SERVICE that provides:

This service is called the FREEDOM SERVICE.

What’s the catch?

You need to commit to a minimum of fifty hours work per month.

That’s it.

How easy would it be to load up an accountant with fifty hours worth of work? They could do BAS, financials, SMSFs, ITRs, company tax returns and trusts.

How easy would your life be knowing you can cover those busy tax times but don’t have to worry about an idle full-time accountant in your office during the slow times of the year?

How good would it be to know exactly how much a job is going to cost you so you eliminate write-offs?

When you have more work for a particular month simply just let us know and we’ll add more people to the team if necessary. You just get billed the extra time quoted for the fixed-fee jobs at the same rate.

Does that sound like FREEDOM to you?

To arrange a FREE trial or to find out more book a telephone chat NOW!

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