Reduce Costs and Eliminate Staffing Headaches

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Why Choose BOSS?

Peace of Mind

We provide you with a transparent budget for fixed-fee jobs.

You can monitor the workflow and performance using our monitoring software.

We have over 14 years’ experience so we know how to help you get started and run things smoothly.

We are a firm of Chartered accountants (CAANZ)

Head office is in Australia and your contract is with an Australian entity for peace of mind.

We are a Registered Tax Agent.

We have Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover all our work.

All staff go through a one month induction program when they join on Australian issues, six months on-the-job training as well as continuous monthly tax training sessions.

Staff work in our office (no working from home) and are professionals vetted carefully by us. They are recruited with years of experience in their relevant discipline.

We employ all modern security methods and technologies to keep your data safe whether working in the cloud, on your server or if you upload work to our server.

Our staff are continually trained on Australian tax and law.

Our HR department handle all HR issues so you don’t need to.

You deal directly with the staff member doing the work through email and Skype. We also provide you with an Account Manager who will have monthly meetings with you.

We help you get on-board and provide you with checklists, procedures and working papers (if we aren’t going to use yours).

Being a Registered Tax Agent we can do any work an Australian accountant or bookkeeper can do:

  • Financials
  • Bookkeeping, BAS and Payroll
  • Tax Returns
  • SMSF Admin
  • SMSF Audit*

We have experience with all common Australian cloud and server based accounting software.


We Can Completely Remove Your Painful Issues of Employing Staff

Would you like to be free of all the typical issues an employer faces like sickness leave, poor performance, write-offs, job hoppers leaving after one or two years, high recruitment costs, management headaches, training headaches and paying for annual leave? Well then we have the solution for YOU!

We offer the FREEDOM SERVICE that provides:

  • Trained accountants, bookkeepers and admin staff that can follow your procedures but you only get charged a fixed fee for each job.
  • No more budget overruns and write-offs – a fixed-fee for every job.
  • No annual leave, sick leave or any leave to worry about.
  • A team that can be scaled up or down within a week to help with those peaks and troughs in your workload.
  • The same staff assigned to you so they get to know you and your systems.
  • No expensive “kick-start” fees or other hidden fees.
  • Typical turnaround for jobs is a week.
  • Direct contact with your BOSS staff via Skype and email.
  • An Account Manager who will attend monthly Client Service Meetings to ensure your expectations are being met.
  • All accounting work is reviewed by a senior member of staff before being handed back to you.


This service is called our FREEDOM SERVICE.

What’s the catch?

You need to commit to a minimum of fifty hours work per month. (If you don’t want to commit to fifty hours and just want ad-hoc SMSF administration jobs done, look at our CASUAL SMSF SERVICE)

That’s it.

How easy would it be to load up an accountant with fifty hours worth of work? They could do monthly bookkeeping, BAS, financials, SMSFs, ITRs, company tax returns and trusts.

How easy would your life be knowing you can cover those busy tax times but don’t have to worry about an idle full-time accountant in your office during the slow times of the year?

How good would it be to know exactly how much a job is going to cost you so you eliminate write-offs?

When you have more work for a particular month simply just let us know and we’ll add more people to the team if necessary. You just get billed the extra time quoted for the fixed-fee jobs at the same rate.

Does that sound like FREEDOM to you?

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You can engage our specialist SMSF outsourcing team to take care of super fund work as and when you need it done. The service is completely casual with no minimum commitment: send one job or send a thousand at any time. No notice period. Jobs are done on a value-based fee structure according to complexity of the superfund. Discounts are available for volume. Any software can be used and we are familiar with BGL, BGL 360, Class Super, HandiSuper even Excel spreadsheets!

We can do:

  • SMSF Administration
  • SMSF Audit prep work
  • Complete SMSF Admin and Audit (including member statements calculating of pension etc.)

To arrange a FREE trial or to find out more book a telephone chat NOW!


You can engage a part-time or full-time (i.e. 1 to 5 days per week) dedicated accountant, bookkeeper or admin staff that can follow your procedures and use your work papers.

This is different to our Freedom Service in that it is more like having a regular staff member where you have more control over the work they do at any specific time on the days they work for you. The advantage is that once they are fully trained, on the days they work for you, they can potentially turnaround jobs faster than one week if needs be.

For dedicated accountants we provide an initial six month FREE review and for dedicated bookkeepers a three month FREE review as part of our training and integration process.

For dedicated Administrators, if you run an accounting practice the Administrator can be briefed by BOSS on basic admin functions relating to accounting firms prior to being assigned to you.

Reduce costs and eliminate staffing headaches… To arrange a FREE trial or to find out more book a telephone chat NOW!

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