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How to Convince Your Clients That Accounting Outsourcing is to Their Benefit

As you make the necessary shift in your firm from being an old-school accounting house to a modern business consultancy firm some clients may express doubt that accounting outsourcing is worth the effort or the seeming risk.

With that in mind let’s make sure you’re able to calm any fears they may have and show them how outsourcing makes your firm work better and faster and keeps fees down for your clients.

The firm goes with you

Thanks to the flexibility provided by cloud networking you are your firm. Anywhere there’s wifi, you’ll have your client’s files at your fingertips.

More services on the menu

Back Office Shared Services’ accounting outsourcing team members are trained in all proper Australian and New Zealand accounting practices. This means that if your client wants to put all of their accounting needs into the hands of a firm that they already trust (namely you) they can do so instead of shipping their different financial concerns out to a variety of professionals.

Time saved

As you yourself can attest running a business is a time-heavy affair. Utilising accounting outsourcing resources to ship the routine but necessary work out to your overseas team means that your client is going to have an immense amount of time freed up to concentrate on working on their business goals.

It also means that you, their favourite accountant, will have more time on your hands as well, allowing you to put more work into getting to know their business. That means more red flags noticed before a crisis arises, and it means more beneficial opportunities will be recognised before they have the chance to slip away.

How to Convince Your Clients That Accounting Outsourcing is to Their Benefit

More eyes on the prize

Since your firm went with the option of accounting outsourcing versus traditional in-house hiring the cost savings have allowed you to have more trained professionals working on files for the traditional price of a low number of in-house hires.

What does this mean for your client? It means that more tax, payroll, bookkeeping, etc. experts are going to be working their file. So aside from top-tier quality work being done on a file, there are a greater number of pros looking at the numbers who are able to pick out those red flags and opportunities that we mentioned above.

Working smarter

Taking advantage of your accounting outsourcing overseas team doesn’t change the nature of the work being done (the government would probably frown on such an idea). What it does mean is that your firm is working smarter instead of harder to get the same basic compliance and bookkeeping work done.

Your clients get the same high quality work back from you that they always did before. They get an expanded menu of services. They receive top-of-the-line security for their sensitive financial documents.

In short, they get a firm that offers much more than what a traditional accounting house could offer them.

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