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“Build a Better Business With Systems” Chapter 6 + Summary: Make Life Easier

Chapter 6 – Improving Your Company

Here’s another advantage that implementing systems offers you – your competitors are likely not doing the same.

Too often what companies hope for is a rockstar employee to be found that swoops in and magically makes everything better. Or maybe there’s some kind of computer program out there that if they could just find, would rocket efficiency by 110%.

So they spend a lot of time and heaps of money trying out new programs or hunting down and turning over employees without ever finding that magic bullet. All that time and money is completely lost with absolutely no benefit – and they could have solved a lot of their problems via system implementation.

It gets even worse – they might actually have dozens of fantastic employees already working for them, but they don’t know it and can’t use those employees to their full potential because without a system there isn’t a way to discover which employee excels at which steps in their workflow.

While there’s no such thing as perfection, there certainly is such a thing as working towards flawlessness. If your competitors aren’t using systems then they are shrugging at their flaws at worst, and at best, they’re running around putting out fires that will arise again because (to mix metaphors) they are fighting symptoms instead of the disease.

Chances are you will be able to match costs of your competitors (if you choose to do so) because they have undocumented waste in their company while your top-down systems have eliminated useless procedures and steps.

Chasing Perfection
There is a danger of spending too much time on weeding out flaws. Let’s say you get your systems working to the point where they’re 95% efficient – do you go after the remaining 5%?

That of course depends entirely on your situation, but keep in mind that there is going to come a point where you are now getting diminishing returns – the huge amount of effort you’re putting in to that last 5% could serve your company much more if it was focused on other matters.

So when it comes to your Day-to-Day systems do go into detail, but realise there is a point where you’re chasing that last 5% of perfection. Your goal is to have a document that allows employees to perform tasks with efficiency and for new hires to pick up a system as easily as possible. If your system document accomplishes these two tasks then you’ve hit the mark.

Creating Value Beyond Yourself
There’s an immense added bonus that you’re creating with your systems if you are a business owner. You’re creating a machine that can operate without your personal presence. That means that it can be sold to someone else without much chance of the service or product the company creates suffering because you’re no longer at the helm. If the quality does suffer it’s likely because the new owner started monkeying around with the systems you and your team had put in place.

This is another reason why delegation holds such importance. If you remain essential to one or more of your company’s Day-by-Day processes then it will not be possible to sell the business without a guaranteed downtime and loss of quality until they can get other people to take over your work.

Make Life Easier
Do yourself a favour – reduce your stress, your time commitment, and your need to micromanage. Do your employees a favour and enable them to do the best job possible for you by eliminating waste and confusion.

Setting up systems sounds like a lot of work. It does indeed take some time and effort and you won’t ever truly be done.

But you should always be thinking about long-term returns and systems are a fantastic way to shape your company right now so it runs like a well-oiled machine, catapulting your business forward without the need to run around in circles managing the same problems day-in day-out.

### THE END ###

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