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How to Create an Email Subject Line That People Will Want to Open

(The following is provided by BOSS who offers your firm an outsourced accountant to meet all your accounting needs)

RULE 1: Your subject line must be attention-grabbing.

It was reported by the Radicati Group (a technology market research firm) that 1.9 billion non-spam emails are sent every single day and by 2019 the average business user will receive 96 emails per day! So fighting your way through a deluge of emails for a chance to be opened is becoming a tough business in itself.

In order to first have your emails opened you need to make sure you are compelling your readers to open your email. So making sure your subject line says it’s going to give your clients something, is key. But what do we mean by “give your clients something”? Think ‘you phrasing’.

You phrasing is where you talk about them (you/your) rather than focus on me/us/we/our.

People don’t have time to be reading emails that benefit your business, it needs to and must benefit them. The reader is thinking “what’s in it for me?” So you should be constantly trying to grab their attention by telling them what they will get by opening your email.

Can you feel the difference in the following subject lines?

Subject line 1:

  • We Can Save You Tax With an Outsourced Accountant

Subject line 2:

  • How to Cut Your Tax in Half (Legally)

Which of the above subject lines 1 or 2 would you personally be more likely to click on? Remember you have almost 100 other emails to decide on opening…… or not!

You’re probably more likely to open Subject line 2. Not only is there a good use of you phrasing, but you’re also telling your leads that they can save half the amount of tax they are paying. If you can offer this opportunity to leads, tell them in the subject line!

What’s wrong with the first subject line? First of all, you are talking about yourselves by using “We” rather than “You”. By adding ‘You’ and ‘Your’, you’ve already told your reader this is what ‘you’ get by opening this email. And secondly, there’s no need to tell them in the subject line ‘how’ you’re going to reduce their tax (“With an Outsourced Accountant”). You can save those details for the inside of your email.

RULE 2: Use Title Case.

This is Where Each Word is Capitalised in the Subject Line. Eg.

Capitalise Every Word Except for Prepositions and Articles of Three Characters or Less. This ensures your emails stick out that much more…..That Much More.

RULE 3: Make use of short titles to ensure the whole subject line can be read before readers have to open the email.

For example:

“For BUSINESS OWNERS… See Inside if You Want to Know How to Cut Your Tax in Half (Legally).”

Although this title is very enticing, it would be cut off and readers would most likely only see “For BUSINESS OWNERS… See Inside if You Wa”.

Hardly enticing now, is it?! Make it juicy and the shorter the better!


Look at the email subject lines in your inbox from companies that wouldn’t usually interest you and see if any of those jump out at you and make you want to click open!

(When perusing the subject lines in your inbox, remember that just because something seems appealing to you it might be because you are particularly interested in that subject and have been waiting patiently for their email. So keep that in mind.)


  1. Make sure you use an attention grabbing headline
  2. Use Title Case. Capitalise Every Word Except for Prepositions and Articles of Three Characters or Less.
  3. Use a Short Title
  4. When you receive emails from businesses, what is it the email subject is saying that makes you click on their emails

Hopefully this will help more of your emails get opened straight away by your leads (and clients)!

BOSS has recently launched a new service offering businesses a chance to take on an outsourced accountant with only a minimum of 50 hours per month. It’s a fixed fee service where BOSS takes on all the risk. Think no budget overruns and no financial write-offs as companies can enjoy knowing how much the job is going to cost before the job begins! An outsourced accountant just got even better….

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