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Part 11

The 13-Element Marlon Sanders’ Modular Formula (CONTINUED)
Headline Examples Continued
(by Marlon Sanders)

Here’s an extra $100 Grace — I’m making real money now! (A famous ad written when $100 was a lot of money)

How I raised myself from failure to success in selling

How to win friends and influence people

How to make money writing short paragraphs

Create your own web page in 60 minutes — or your money back

Why almost everybody is wrong about xxxx

Ohio entrepreneur reveals how to obtain appointments with executives — without making cold calls or risking rejection.

How (and why) collecting rare coins can be the most profitable spare time hobby you’ll ever have.

The most powerful case I can make for putting your products and services on the Web — Now.

Why should any man pay $375 for a suit?

Are men’s expensive suits now too expensive? Here’s what we’re doing to reduce costs in the upper price brackets

How (and why) collecting baseball cards can be the most profitable sports-based hobby you try out.

A better-than-risk-free invitation to join the premier baseball card collecting society in America — and receive a $118 free bonus just for agreeing to preview our selections of rookies, and superstar player cards.

(Note: This is a headline by Jay Abraham. In the resources appendix, you’ll find information about subscribing to his highly recommend Business Breakthroughs newsletter)

What everybody ought to know . . . About This Stock And Bond Business Some plain talk about a simple business that often sounds complicated (Reference: 100 Greatest Advertisements by Julian Watkins)

Special Offer For xxxx Preferred Customers

How You Can Attend The Already Sold Out xxxx Seminar At a Bargain-Basement Price — And Send Your Kids To A Fabulous Youth Boot Camp Free!

Discover How to Build A Million Dollar Dental Practice, Collect All Your Money And Keep 50% More!

Plus you benefit from 32 hours of continuing education credit, a $250.00 gift certificate, 3 books (including 17 Steps To Your Million Dollar Practice, 25 exhibitors, and entertainment by The Smothers Brothers and the immortal rock and roll band — The Kingsmen!

Note: The following headlines are from the book The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters Of All Time. by Richard S. Hodgson published by The Dartnell Corporation (312) 561-4000.

This volume is definitely worth investing in because it contains brilliant examples of how to write direct mail that works.

Yours for only $2 — The Best in Reading Pleasure for the Next Twelve Months

Now you can have your own personal computer

Introducing: The HP-65 — the first and only fully-programmable pocket calculator that you can use to solve extremely complex, lengthy or repetitive problems in seconds — anywhere…anytime!

Do your Panty Hose make you feel pretty? Do they fit perfectly and wear and wear?

Can you spot the five mistakes here that make you work more and enjoy your garden less?

How many of these common gardening mistakes are causing you to work harder than you really have to?

There are 9 reasons why you should mail the enclosed card to find out how you can replace your present telex equipment and enjoy greater speed, efficiency…and quiet! …and it won’t cost you one penny more than you are now paying!

How long has it been since you took a good, hard look at the tools your salesmen are using?

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