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Creative Ad Copy Secrets to Help Sell Your Services!

Part 17

Step Three: Turn Your Features Into Benefits
By Marlon Sanders

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People do not buy products and services. They buy an end result….what a product or service does for them. They buy solutions to problems. They buy to avoid pain and gain pleasure.

People don’t buy drills, they buy holes. They don’t buy hammers. They buy the doghouse the hammer will help them build. They don’t buy homes. They buy a feeling of security for their family. They don’t buy novels. They buy escape from reality. They don’t buy advertising. They buy increased sales at a lower cost.

Most companies advertising on the web spend all their time talking about the features of their products and services and not how those features will produce a desirable result or benefit for their customers. They focus on how great their newest widget is instead of how their newest widget solves annoying problems for their customers.

Here are several ways you can make sure you talk in terms of benefits to your customers instead of features.

Ask your customers why they purchased from you instead of your competition. Do not assume you understand why your customers buy from you. Instead, ask a lot of questions and listen for hot buttons. Look for key advantages you have compared to your competition.

Don’t assume your readers understand the benefits of your product or service. Picture all the ways your prospects will benefit when they buy from you. Spell out the benefits so they are crystal clear. Leave nothing to the imagination.


If your widget has xyz feature and does so-and-so things, the question is SO WHAT? Who cares? How is this going to help your customer and make their life better, simpler or easier? 

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Benefit chain

Benefits have layers like onions. Your job is to peel through the layers to reach the deepest, most meaningful advantages of your product or service. In order to do that, take each of your benefits and ask, why do I care about that? Or ask, what will that do for me that’s even more important? Keep asking questions until the answer is self-evident. The process looks something like this:

Benefit——> what’s important about that? ——> which means that ——> which means that________

When you write your sales letter, be sure to point out all the benefits that surface from your benefit chains because any one of them could be the hot button that causes a prospect to order from you.

If you need additional help writing benefits for your product or service, check out the book Cash Copy by Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Order through your bookstore.

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