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Creative Ad Copy Secrets to Help Sell Your Services!

Part 20

Here are other points to help you build credibility

Give reasons why for price reductions or special offers. “Clearance sale” and “blowout sale” have no credibility. If you have a price reduction, explain why you’re able to sell the merchandise for less money.

Use specifics. People believe specifics. Say, for example, that you increased your profits 33.7% in 9 months as soon as you started selling xyz widget. That is far more powerful than saying, “Make more profits by selling xyz widgets.”

Instead of saying, Save money by making your own wine at home, say, You can get all the $50 bottles of win you want for $9.53 each. Instead of a real estate agent saying, I can help you sell your home faster, he/she could say, My average listing sells 3 months faster than the average property in the Multiple Listing Service.

Avoid statements that stretch believability, even if they’re true. Show popularity and approval by experts. This is called social proof. People tend to believe premises accepted by a large number of others.

Give a phone number with a “live” answer. If you can’t have a live answer all the time, a professionally produced answering machine or voice mail message will boost credibility. A poor quality answering machine message can hurt your business.

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Step Six: Present Your Price and Make It A Bargain

Now that the bullets have psychologically conditioned your prospects –you’re ready to give your price. But you want to soften the blow. You do that by comparing your price and showing that it’s a bargain.

You can compare your price to what you used to sell your product for, what you plan to sell it for or what your competition sells it for. For example, if you’re offering a discount off what you normally sell the product for, that is a bargain. Be careful, there are laws that say you really do have to sell the product at the higher price to make this claim. Check out the FTC website for more details. I believe the URL is simple

I saw one marketer who used interesting wording. She said, This product has been offered for $X. Notice she didn’t say the product had sold at that price. She said the product had been offered at that price. I’m not sure if that wording has any legal implications. But it seems to me that if you indeed offered the product for sale at that price, whether or not you sold any doesn’t make a difference. You can still state that you offered the product for sale at that price.

Alternatively, you can point out how similar products sold by competitors go for a much higher price. And yours has even more (or better) features. Again, when you get into competitive advertising, the FTC has rules about that area. You can read what they have to say at: http://www.ftc.govYou can create a bargain appeal by showing the prospective customer how your price is only a fraction of the cost of NOT owning the product. You can remind him or her how much time, money, inconvenience, pain, hassle or trouble your product will save.

Even luxury purchases can be sold on a bargain appeal. For example, a friend may justify the purchase of a Mercedes (or other luxury car) to you by explaining how that it’s really a bargain when you take into account the resale value. If a car retains a great deal of its resale value, it can look like a bargain compared to a cheaper car that loses its value quickly.

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A luxury car purchase could further be justified by talking about the greater reliability, reduced time off the job due to breakdowns, better gas mileage and lower maintenance costs. These factors may or may not in reality justify the purchase of the car. But they certainly provide a logical justification for an emotional purchase, which is what you want to do.

When you watch infomercials on TV or talk to salespeople, listen to how they make their price seem like a giant bargain. And pay special attention when you “buy into” the reasoning. That’s when you’ve found an effective approach you can borrow. Step Seven: Remove The Risk With A Guarantee Continued in the next blog post….

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