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Creative Ad Copy Secrets to Help Sell Your Services!

Part 24

Step Thirteen: The P.S.!
By Marlon Sanders

Remind your customers of the time deadline and the limited supply of bonuses. Urge them to pick up the phone and call immediately.

Your P.S. is often read first by customers. So entice them to read the letter by mentioning the free bonuses and the limited time offer.

Another trick you can use on your P.S. is to add an upsell. In other words, you give your prospects the opportunity to spend more money for an upgrade, extra features or add-on service.

I used this with my WSOTM (WebSite Order Taking Machine) product. Currently, I’m not selling this product as a stand alone item. But when I did, I had a deluxe edition you can buy for a little extra money. However, I put this option on the order form instead of the P.S. If your up sell takes more than one or two sentences, the P.S. is an ideal spot for it.

You can use multiple P.S. paragraphs if you want. But in checking my book of the greatest sales letters of all time, I don’t see many that use multiple P.S. statements. Using more than one or two likely decreases their effectiveness.

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Other Possible Modules:

There are other elements or modules you can include in your letters. The above cover the major ones. Here are some others:

The reason why module: Tell why you’re offering the guarantee, price discount or multiple bonuses. The best reason for the guarantee is confidence. The best reason for multiple bonuses is the truth: It’s an incentive for them to order immediately. By giving the reason why, you establish credibility. Otherwise, people are suspicious.

The scarcity module: To get people to order immediately, you can use scarcity. For example, “I can only guarantee you’ll receive a bonus package if you’re one of the first 50 people to order.”

Or the time limit module, “I can only guarantee you’ll get the bonuses if you order in the next 72 hours.”

Notice how I didn’t say they wouldn’t receive the bonus. I said I could only guarantee they’d receive it if they acted immediately.


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The ftc and some states have laws governing limiting time offers. I suggest you study and abide by these laws.

THE LIFT: This is a technique used extensively in offline direct mail, but I have never seen it used online. I’m introducing the concept here, and I bet you’ll start seeing a lot of people using it online.

The lift is the lift letter. A lift letter is a separate letter or piece included in a mailing that says “Read this only if you’ve decided NOT to order.”

The lift letter is written by a third party that has credibility with the prospect. It is written on a separate letterhead and usually begins with “Frankly, I’m puzzled.”

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For example:

Dear Friend,

Frankly, I’m puzzled.

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I just don’t understand what else Marlon can do to demonstrate the amazing power of his methods.

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Jim Client

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