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Part 25

How to Assemble The Elements Of The Formula In Different Sequences:
(by Marlon Sanders)

One of the differences in the formula I just presented and the one in the Web Site Order Taking Machine is that it uses the modular approach. You can take the steps or modules and combine them in different sequences.

Let me present to you the basic psychology involved. At a core, gut level you can look at your marketing letter this way:

  • Headline: Make a specific promise
  • Hook: Elaborate on the promise using bullets
  • Add steam: Stack benefit on top of benefit
  • Proof: Prove you can provide the benefits
  • Action: Give reasons to act today Here’s a little different approach:

Here’s a little different approach:

  • Headline: Make a specific promise of an end result
  • Hook: Open with bullet benefits
  • Add steam: List more bullet benefits
  • USP: Give your unique selling proposition
  • Credibility: Give your personal credibility plus endorsements
  • Testimonials: List some in the letter and provide a link to more
  • Price: Give your price and summarize what buyer gets
  • Don’t decide now: Tell’em to take little scruffy home for the weekend.
  • Guarantee: If this is a front-end offer, make it very strong
  • Bonuses: Bonus up the offer for acting before a deadline
  • Snapper: Give price discount for acting before deadline
  • Fast delivery: Offer fast digital delivery or express shipping
  • Instructions: Tell how to order
    Notice I included fast delivery as a step. I did a survey on my website and found that many people online are scared of getting ripped off and never receiving a product. By offering one or two-day shipping, you alleviate this fear.
    You can use extra bonuses as a reason for ordering now or a price discount. Or, you can use both. I often use both.

Here’s another approach
Headline: Biggest hook you can think of

  • Stacked head: List bullet benefits under the headline before the
  • salutation (dear friend)
  • Opening: Elaborate on headline then go into bullet points
  • Testimonials: Present a few humdingers upfront
  • Perceived value: Stack value on top of value
  • USP: Tell why they should buy from you only
  • Proof: Prove the claims you’ve made with one or more of the 4 forms of evidence
  • Testimonials: Stack on more testimonials
  • Price: Present your price. Use bargain appeal
  • Guarantee: Give your guarantee
  • Reason why: Tell why you’re offering such a strong guarantee. The reason is you’re so confident in the product. Remember, this is one of our forms of proof.
  • Ever heard of online bookkeeping and how much it can save your business?
  • Bonus up: Present multiple bonuses for acting before deadline
  • Rationale: Tell why you’re offering such a great bargain. I usually say it’s
  • because I know if they don’t order now, they never will.
  • You can’t lose: Explain why they can’t lose. At worst, they get the free bonuses AND they get their money back.
  • Scarcity: Explain why you have a limited supply of the product or you’re only selling so many at this price. Or you have a limited supply of the bonuses. Scarcity motivates people.
  • Immediate Delivery: Alleviate fears of not getting product.
  • Order info: Be specific. Step A. Step B. Step C. Be sure to offer secured ordering. This is a must.
    Notice how I put some testimonials at the beginning. If your target market is skeptical in nature, try this.
    What I’m showing you here is you can sequence together the different elements in the order you want. You can weave together different elements and make your letter your own unique psychological work of art. You can mix and match elements and see what works for you. I don’t include all elements or modules all the time. I include what feels right to me. It’s based on my feel for my target market and on how the marketing letter flows.
    In the big picture, the psychology is very simple. The modules are TOOLS that allow you to accomplish these big objectives. And what are those objectives?
  • You have to hook the reader with your headline and opening
  • You have to stack value on top of value on top of value
  • You have to give a reason to buy from you vs. anybody else
  • You have to create credibility
  • You have to give you price
  • You have to give compelling reasons to order today
  • You have to present your ordering instructions
    The other elements I give you are tools for accomplishing these things. Scarcity and multiple bonuses are ways to create value and get people to order today. Offering immediate delivery is a way to get the order today by alleviating a big fear. Using bullets is a way to stack value and draw readers into a letter.
    In presenting the elements of this formula, I’m assuming you abide by laws. In the U.S. the Federal Trade Commission has laws about what you can and can’t say in many areas, not the least of which is in using scarcity. My understanding is that if you present a discounted price, you can sell it for that all the time. The law is even more specific than that.
    You can study that stuff for yourself. In the U.S. the FTC has laws about using testimonials and other things. You can read these at the FTC website: . Plus, you may have state laws too. If you live outside the U.S., chances are you have laws that govern what you can and can’t say and do in advertising. You should take a look at those too.

The most important things if you live in the U.S. (or sell to customers in the U.S.) are that you:

  • Deliver your merchandise within 30 days.
  • Make only claims you can prove
  • Make claims that are indicative of what your average user accomplishes
  • If your testimonials are not indicative of what the average user experiences, you need to spell this out.
  • Be very wary of making specific income claims. Just because you have made a certain amount of money in an MLM (or whatever) doesn’t mean you can use the headline “Make 20 million in MLM.” The law basically says your income claims have to be indicative of the average user.
  • If you make income claims, you fall under the state business opportunity laws, many of which are quite strict in the U.S.
    Now, I’m not an attorney and you need to seek your own legal advice. I’m giving you the guidelines as I understand them. In the big picture, avoid making deceptive and misleading claims. Use your common sense and you’ll likely be OK.
  • “Key Points to Remember” Continued in following post….

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