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Creative Ad Copy Secrets to Help Sell Your Services!

Part 32

Choice Resources
Marlon’s Choice Marketing Resources To Help You Write Advertising Copy And Build Your Business
(by Marlon Sanders)

If you’d like to learn more about direct response marketing, the following resources will help you. We have provided comments and reviews on each resource to help you select the ones that will benefit you the most.

While most of the books will not be on the shelves of your local bookstore, you can place a special order for them. Alternatively, you can go to on the web and order most of them there.
For newsletters and specialized marketing courses, we have given you phone numbers you can call to order the products. Jump Start Your Brain

Doug Hall

Marketing is an idea business. This book shows you exactly how to tap into the part of your brain that ideas come from. Outstanding book!

The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time

Richard S. Hodgson

A treasure chest of the best sales letters ever written. Great for triggering ideas and showing you how to write compelling copy. A very wealthy person once said, do not create mediocrity when you can emulate genius. This book lets you study and analyze the best sales letters ever created.

Tested Advertising Methods

John Caples

Do you want to write a powerful sales letter for your web site that will bring in lots of orders? Then learn the secrets of direct response marketing from the greatest teacher ever! Best of all, once you learn how to write sales letters, you can get paid good money to write for clients.

This book and the other two which follow are essential (and inexpensive) reference books on direct response advertising. Here are several of my favorite chapters from Tested Advertising Methods…

Chapter. 2: The most important part of an advertisement

Gives you an in-depth understanding of how and why headlines are the most important part of ads.

Chapter 5: Twenty-nine formulas for writing headlines

Put selling power in your headlines with these formulas.

Chapter 9: How to write the first paragraph

You must grab the attention of your readers in your first paragraph. This chapter teaches step-by-step how to do it.

Chapter 13: Thirty-two ways to get more inquiries from your advertising

If you’re using your ads to generate leads, this chapter will help you boost your results.

How to Make Your Advertising Make Money

John Caples

Favorite chapters include…

Chapter 2: Twelve ways to find advertising ideas

Contains several brilliant ways to create advertising ideas.

Chapter 5: 303 words and phrases that sell

Punch up your copy with these powerful techniques.

Chapter 8: How to write headlines that make money

Contains 106 headlines that made money.

Chapter 9: How to use stories to sell products and services

People love stories. This chapter shows how to incorporate them into your ad copy.

Making Ads Pay.

John Caples

Favorite chapters…

Chapter 2: How I wrote my first advertisement

Fascinating story of how Caples wrote his first ad.

Chapter 13: Ten ways to make ads believable

Shows you how to dissolve skepticism.

Chapter 14: Six ways to prove it’s a bargain

Everyone likes bargains. This chapter shows how to sell the bargain aspect to your potential customers.

The Art of Readable Writing

Rudolf Flesch

Written by the man Time called the Mr. Fix-It of writing. Teaches you how to write the way you talk. If you have WRITING PHOBIA, read the books by Rudolf Flesch. He has written a number of them.

The Robert Collier Letter Book

Robert Collier

One of the all time great books on direct response marketing. It’s hard-to-locate but worth the effort. Gives you verbatim letters that sold millions and explains the psychology behind each. You’ll get a fast education in the art of selling through words. Try

My Life in Advertising & Scientific Advertising

Claude Hopkins

Intriguing book by one of the founding fathers of direct response advertising. You’ll learn how to use specifics to make your point, how to explain the reason why, and why people buy results. It’s a fast read and only 10 bucks, so buy it!

Break-through Advertising

Eugene M. Schwartz

If you’re serious about learning to write sales letters and great advertising, then you need this book. It’s another hard-to-find but essential reference book. Gives you information you won’t find elsewhere.

Cash Copy

Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Helps you understand the basics of writing copy that gets results. Here are some favorite chapters:

Chapter 5: Transforming product and service features into benefits that get your prospects to buy. If you’re new at copywriting, you’ll appreciate the crystal clear way Lant explains the difference between features and benefits.

Chapter 7: Creating offers your prospects find irresistible — and get them to act NOW! Teaches you how to get your prospects to take action today.

How to Write A Good Advertisement

Victor O. Schwab

Shows you exactly how to write a profitable direct response ad or sales letter. Pay special attention to chapter 1 where Schwab presents 100 great headlines and why they were to profitable. Sells for 15 bucks but worth much more.

How to Get Rich In Mail Order

Melvin Powers

Mail-order millionaire Melvin Powers reveals his money making secrets. Discover how to create your own successful ads and ideas. Stimulating and thought provoking. I especially like chapter 7 How I created a best-seller using the copycat technique and chapter 10 Five of my most successful direct mail pieces that sold and are selling millions of dollars’ worth of books.

What’s In It For Me?

Robin Woods

If you’re struggling with the creating a Unique Selling Proposition for your product, this is the third book you should read…after Positioning and Marketing Warfare by Trout and Ries. This book may no longer be in print. See if you can obtain it through an inter-library loan.

Million Dollar Mailings

Dennis Hatch

Reprints the most powerful direct mail pieces from the last decade. Read, study and learn!

The 100 Greatest Advertisements — Who Wrote Them And What They Did

Julian Watkins

Good resource on the history of advertising in general. Corey Rudl’s Marketing Secrets Hot Tips List

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Shows you how to use a wide variety of marketing concepts to make more sales and profits in your business. Teaches you to juice up your profits using direct response marketing techniques. Essential resource.

The Online Marketing Letter

Jonathan Mizel (

Number one newsletter about how to make money online. Must buy. Books from Very insightful and helpful.

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