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Explode Your Profit Margin – 3 of Your Accounting Services You Can Outsource

We’ve discussed in some detail in other blog posts the ways outsourcing your Australian and New Zealand accounting services can boost your profit margin almost immediately to 42%*.
You will:

  • reduce your office overhead
  • reduce training and headhunting time and costs
  • increase the time you can personally spend on either wooing or working for your A-list clients
  • escalate the amount of work your services can turn out within a fixed amount of time
  • higher turnaround rates means you have room to buff up your client list

Today we’re going to get more specific about which of your accounting services you can outsource in order to reach that massive 42%* profit-margin gain.

  1. Income-Tax Preparation.

    There isn’t an accountant alive who hasn’t faced the nightmare of a client with the dreaded shoebox of receipts; plus, oh yeah, these additional receipts they’ve only just remembered hours before filing.
    All that time sorting before you even get to the actual work of figuring deductions can make for a fantastic time-sink.
    Outsourcing your larger income-tax prep work (jobs that are 4 hours or more in size), can save you weeks if not months of your time freeing you up to concentrate on your value-add services. You send us a list of the receipts and the income sources for a particular client, and the overseas workers do the rest at a fraction of the cost of someone being assigned to the account in-house.

  2. Pre-filling Forms.

    Outsourcing this particular accounting service is an astounding time-saver. Your overseas workers build and maintain databases relevant to particular clients, and are then able to add in significant income figures as they’re made available.

  3. Bookkeeping Management.

    Outsourcing your bookkeeping management service allows you to have someone paying sharper attention to any one account’s bottom line. If a red flag rises, your overseas partner’s reaction can be reduced to hours instead of days, weeks, or even months, depending on how overworked you currently are.
    You’re adding value to your accounting services – you’re no longer purely a returns calculator for your client, you’re now a business consultant and advisor, and possibly even the white knight that comes charging in with some timely business-saving advice.
    Word of this kind of golden service is bound to spread.
    Of course, all of this is on top of the usual bookkeeping practices of keeping an accurate accounting of purchases, payrolls, sales, and receipts.

Stay Accurate, Get Faster

With the burgeoning world of cloud computing your outsourced workers will have instantaneous access to all the accounting service info that it used to take you days or weeks to get in order.

Adding outsourcing to your toolbox means getting more of the same quality of work done in a much smaller amount of time. Partnering with BOSS allows you to save time and add more of the types of clients you want the most.

*A profit increase to 42% was reported by one of our clients – your results may differ.

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