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Get Organised for Outsourcing Accounting Work

Important Dates

Make life easy on you and your client.

Forewarn your clients in plenty of time to make sure you get data in early. Send out any appropriate letters or reminders to arrange meetings or collect data from clients in good time. Send a check list to help your client prepare data for you.

July: June BAS monthly and quarterly, start with any companies that that you did March accounts for.  For tax planning purposes these entities will be easy to complete.

August: Monthly BAS/IAS, PAYG summaries. Start sending letters to entities with more than one year of returns to lodge they are due by 31st Oct. Any entity that needs to be lodged with APRA or TCF need to be lodged by 30 September.

September:  Monthly BAS/IAS. Focus on 31st Oct clients.

October: 1st quarter BAS and Large taxable companies are due by 15th Jan – they need to come in the office at this time

November: Focus on getting in all clients with SMSF so that they are lodged before Christmas.

December: Any new fund needs to come into office now

January: 2nd quarter BAS

February: 28th is the due date for new funds, High net individuals need to come into the office, now they have a due date of 31st March

March: FBT returns need to be done in April so you need to start contacting the clients in March

April: 3rd quarter BAS and tax planning client (March accounts)

May: All returns need to be lodged by 15th May. Make sure all super contributions are done before 1st July

June: Make sure staff take holidays and are ready for mid-July (start of the busy period)

For the slow seasons you can give BOSS this Outsourcing Accounting Work:

  • Preparation of Interim accounts, say up to December or March.
  • Working out Minimum/ Maximum pension/ Contribution for the current year (this should be done before 30th June)
  • BAS – which are currently done in-house- can be given to us.
Get Organised for Outsourcing Accounting Work

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