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Grounding – Make Less Mistakes at Work, Get More Energy and Significantly Improve Your Health

How Our Modern Lives Affect Our Health and Our Worklife

These days most of us spend the majority of our week in an office. If we’re not in an office, we’re at home in front of the TV or our computers. How many hours a day do you spend outdoors as compared to indoors? And how many of those outdoor hours do you spend…. barefoot? If we take a good look at our outdoor schedules paired with being barefoot we may be shocked to find we spend very little time doing this. Even when we are outdoors we tend to wear some form of shoe and more often than not the soles of the shoe will be rubber. This rubber is blocking our connection to the Earth’s magnetic surface.

Electrical appliances and wi-fi create something called electromagnetic frequencies or EMF’s. Today we are literally swimming in these EMF’s 24/7 throughout our modern lives. They are constantly bombarding us from every angle coming from computers, TV’s, fridges, wi-fi, routers, mobile phones, night bedside lamps, smart metres, electricity metre boxes and all other electrical appliances. EMF’s can cause a plethora of illnesses and aid in the inability to sleep or feel refreshed on waking.

What You Can Do to Help Remove EMF’s and Turn Your Health Around?

Earthing, or Grounding is a newish term given to walking barefoot (or simply sitting) on the ground. It’s something we’ve tended to take for granted without realising the many benefits it can provide us.

Something as simple as touching the ground on a daily basis is one of the important things missing in our healing process. The earth’s surface has the ability to pull electrical fields from our bodies and absorb them and our complete disconnection from earth coupled with the constant EMF onslaught is keeping us sick.

Being outdoors does have its benefits of course, but connecting to the earth without shoes has been proven to be the key!

Free documentary on Grounding

Grounding offers a no-cost solution to ridding the build up of these electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) from our bodies and assisting our systems to function better.

If you haven’t seen the grounding documentary, you can watch it here for free:

“Grounded” – An independent documentary about grounding

The documentary tells the true story of an Alaskan man out to test the claims about this very easy and too good to be true healing concept. New research has discovered that the surface of the earth has healing power. Beginning with his own healing discoveries he turns the town onto this form of healing. News spreads farther from the town and an Apollo astronaut who walked on the moon soon arrives followed by doctors and scientists. It may just change the way you view the earth under your feet…. and all those hippies may have had something powerful to say all along.

It’s an eye opening story and well worth the watch!

If you find yourself ‘feeling older’, take a look at your health and understand that the slow breakdown of the body is not actually ‘old age’ but a culmination of bad habits, unhealthy food, unhealthy thoughts, stress, EMF’s, etc. Begin with looking at the EMF’s around you and start grounding yourself to assist in healing yourself. Turn your router off at night and never have your mobile (router, computers etc) near you when you sleep (that includes near your animals).

Grounding for Sleep

Grounding (Earthing), improves pain management, stress levels by normalising cortisol (a stress hormone) and sleep.

Our nervous systems are our electrical system of the body and influences these activities. Grounding (taking on negative electrons from the Earth) has shown to calm the nervous system by shifting the flight or fight response to rest and digest. Stress reduction and sleep are vital components for pain management and for reducing the risks of many other chronic health conditions.

60 people suffering from sleep problems (and chronic joint and muscle pain) took part in a blind pilot study, each of them grounding every night for a month. This resulted in 74 to 100% improvement in the quality of sleep, feeling rested on waking, chronic back and joint pain, muscle pain and stiffness and a more general well-being. Grounding research shows it can help to establish normal cortisol levels at night which improves our sleep, stress and pain.

Imagine what grounding could do for you and your work life!

These days, most people use artificial stimulants to keep themselves awake when on the job. Coffee when waking, coffee mid-morning and coffee, pastries and sugar to ward off that afternoon slump in energy. But what if we could use the power of the earth to help bring ourselves back into balance and not rely on health destroying caffeine and sugar to keep us awake in the afternoon? Imagine how much better people at work would function! Less mistakes, more real energy, more input, more work completed!

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