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Here’s one of the best ways for Security companies to get new clients

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Security firms need to keep relying on their know-how and focus on customer service. Is your company better than your competitors at it? Then it’s time to expand Read more below

Each industry has its own particularities when it comes to client acquisition. Tech Giants, for instance, have amassed millions of clients through web-related marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization, and have prioritized client acquisition before revenue in their early stages. Grocers in Australia have recently increased their focus on low-price policies to keep or increase their market share. Security firms have used different techniques depending on the nature of their business activities and their size. Client acquisition strategies range from merges and acquisitions from large players to low-price policies.

SMEs in Security need to keep relying on their know-how and focus on customer service. If you are confident your customers are satisfied with your services, then you should consider capitalizing on that, and focus on referrals.


Referral tips

Here are a couple of methods that we’ve found impress current clients and motivate them to help you pull in more business. Do keep in mind though that you only want to go to your A-list clients for referrals – like breeds like. If you go to your D-listers you’re only going to get more low-calibre clients which is not the kind of growth you’re looking for.





The Note

Be it by email or traditional mail, letters can help you pull in new choice clients. Language is of obvious importance in such notes so make sure you’re telling your clients that things are going great but do not tell them that you’re stuffed to the gills with work.

By outsourcing non-core services, you’re guaranteeing that there’s no such thing as “too busy” and that you’ll always have room for new clients. Scaling up your back office services takes days, not months.

If you think sending out a letter like this is still too bluntly sales-ish then consider making a request for referrals part of your system of working with clients. In this case what you do is write up an agenda of what both you and the client can expect from each other during the duration of a project or time-frame together. One of the points of this early agenda letter is that, at a specific time near the end of the project or duration, if your client is happy with your work you will be asking them for a recommendation. This way it’s completely expected and will save yourself some squeamishness if the previous letter approach is too blunt for your liking.


Follow up

As soon as someone sends you a referral, make a point of thanking them. This thanks can even take the form of a gift – perhaps a free service that your existing client has never used but you think would be of benefit to them. The added bonus here is that it may introduce that existing client to a service that they’ll decide they simply cannot do without and will start paying for it in the future.

If the referral comes onboard, let it know to the person who referred you. People feel good when they help make a match.

If the referral doesn’t work out you should still let your existing client know, but in this case slip in some info about your ideal type of client so your existing client will make better recommendations in the future.

(Also, thanking people is just the classy thing to do.)


Give and take

A great way to increase referrals is to make a habit of referring business to others. Recommending a business to a colleague can start a chain reaction leading not only to new business but also to a better network. Chances to get help increase exponentially if you help others.

Offering incentives is the most common approach to referrals. Dropbox’s policy to offer free storage resulted in a massive increase of their user base. But incentives cost money and not all firms have the resources to finance them. If you outsource non-core services to an outsourcing firm like BOSS, you’ll be able to allocate the resulting savings to marketing efforts like customer acquisition through referrals.


Back Office Shared Services (BOSS) is the only Australian outsourcing and offshoring company who specializes in the Security and Cleaning  Industry.

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