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How To Increase Your Profit per Accountant by 51%

So how does BOSS increase your profit per accountant by 51%?

Essentially we supply you with experienced accountants that cost you 48% less per year than it would normally cost to employ an accountant. The accountants are trained by us and work in our office not yours, but unlike typical outsourcing firms, they work YOUR way using YOUR procedures. This ensures the quality of work is extremely high and completed exactly how you need it done! You maintain complete controljust as if they were your staff in the office next door! You can talk directly with your accountant and the supervisor and easily monitor how jobs are progressing. Queries can be dealt with quickly and easily. Our service offers unique benefits over outsourcing:

  • We are Australian specialists – we can do any tax and super fund work you do and audit superfunds (so you can maintain profits regardless of the Cooper Review)
  • Quality is assuredall work is reviewed by a supervisor
  • Security is assured – data can remain in your office
  • Your BOSS accountant is dedicated to only YOU.

Please take the time to read the whole article to learn the many benefits of using BOSS and the superior service we offer compared to typical outsourcing companies. Utilising staff offshore is not new but this business model is – we call it IN-Resourcing.

Increasing Your Profit

The example below is based on an Accountant with 5 years accounting experience (Sydney CBD salary figures).

In-house Accountant BOSS Accountant
salary $76,000 $53,750 exc. GST
superannuation $6,840
1% workers compensation $830
office space (exc. gst) $5,000
recruitment fee (15% fee spread over a 3 year tenureship) $4,140
total $92,810 $53,750
hours worked (assuming 4 weeks leave + 2 weeks public holiday) 1,748 (38 hour week) 2,105 (45 ¾ hour week)
hourly cost $53.09 $25.53
billable hours 1486 1789
charge-out rate $189 $189
revenue $280,854 $338,121
gross profit (per annum) $188,044 $284,371

That’s a gross profit increase of 51%!

The above table may be a simplified version of in-house costs and I’m sure you can add to the list!
So now you should be seeing the pure profit potential of using BOSS accountants for your practice.

IN-Resourcing offers many advantages over typical outsourcing such as:


You can talk directly with your accountant and monitor how jobs are progressing online. Each BOSS accountant you have is dedicated to working YOUR way using YOUR systems and YOUR procedures. Usually the accountant logs in remotely to your IT system but even if documents are simply uploaded to our secure website, all work is done as if they were an in-house employee working in the next cubicle. This is very different to using outsourcing services where an accountant is typically serving many different companies, cannot log on to your server and you lose control over the data and the person who is working on it.


Data can remain in your office. You have the choice of your BOSS accountant logging in remotely or uploading work via our secure website. If our accountant logs in remotely no data need leave your office. Your IT technician can simply lock files that you don’t wish your BOSS accountant to have access to. With typical outsourcing this is not often an option.

Continuous Improvement and Higher Proficiency

Your BOSS dedicated accountant can be nurtured like your own staff so they get better and better! You can expect to have a BOSS accountant moving to the point at which jobs are completed ready for sign-off.

Typically in outsourcing it is common place to have your work given out to anybody that is available at the time. Which means the individuals cannot be “fine tuned” and you may find yourself repeating the same instructions or corrections again and again, ultimately leading to your time wasted, and jobs blowing out over time and over budget.


You get to learn the competencies of your BOSS accountant quickly and know what to expect when you submit work to them. Again, outsourcing companies typically farm off your work to whoever is available so you cannot expect any consistency in the work done.

Cost Savings

A BOSS accountant contracted to you on a full or part-time basis can save you typically 44% – 55% compared to other specialist accounting outsourcing companies. In addition all work is reviewed by a BOSS manager before handing back to you – something that you would normally have to pay extra for if you engage an outsourcing firm.

Peace of Mind and Quality Assurance

All work is reviewed by a supervisor before it is announced ready. (Ordinarily you need to pay extra costs for this service with an outsourcing company)

We are an Australian company set up and directed by the Managing Director of a successful Australian accounting practice and therefore understand completely the needs of other Australian practices.

  • BOSS has a Confidentiality Agreement signed by every employee
  • Your IN-Resourced Staff are ethically bound by the professional code of conduct of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in India (this has as much meaning to Indian accountants as it does to their Australian counterparts)
  • You are dealing with staff in India but they are employed by BOSS Australia

We have over seven years of experience providing this service to accounting firms and regardless of your current circumstances; we have solutions that will work for you! We hold your hand every step of the way – from initial set-up, onwards – always making sure you get the right result.

More HUGE Benefits of using BOSS:

Access to Experienced Accountants

Finding and keeping accountants with years of experience has gotten much tougher over the past few years and there is pressure to pay more to attract and retain staff. However BOSS can resolve this by recruiting staff from a different pool giving you the advantage over other firms

No More Wasted Time and Money Recruiting

You can simply tell us what accountant you need and we take care of the whole recruitment process (you have the option of conducting any tests or running your own interviews as well if you wish). You can save thousands on recruitment fees and don’t have to spend any time or effort recruiting!

Less Time Spent Training

We do practically all of the training for you week in week out, year in year out! You don’t have to squander any of your precious time on weekly tax meetings, team building activities, external courses etc, etc!

More Free Time For Value-Add Work

You could meet more of your clients more often and help them achieve better results with their business and at the same time charge out more of your time at your highest rate for this lucrative value-add work!

More Free Time For Marketing

You can free yourself up for some worthwhile marketing. Devote a proper amount of time to devote to growing your business.


Growth is now easy with no more logistical headaches. We offer casual staff as well as dedicated full time or part-time accountants to suit your business needs.

Cost Savings

Save over 52% on the costs of employing each accountant!

Superior Staff Retention Rates Saving You Time & Money

With staff attrition typically 10-20% in Australia employing a BOSS accountant can greatly reduce your staff turnover. We have very high staff retention rates due to superior working conditions, salaries 20% above award wage, assured career progression for our staff and our staff sign a contract locking them in to us for three years. This in turn means you can expect your BOSS accountant to be with you for a long time and any improvements in performance you benefit from for a long time. (Please note there is no lock-in period  in our contract terms with you.)

How Does It All Work?

It is quick and easy and can be done in as little as two hours. For more info check out How It Works.

What next?

Right now we are offering a FREE trial! We will happily do one free trial job – up to a maximum of 20 hours worth of work – completed by an experienced accountant you could charge out at $140+ per hour. That’s $2,800 of value FREE! To claim your free trial, Fill out our Contact Request Form or call 1800 88 92 32 NOW!

REMEMBER: We have over seven years of experience providing this service to accounting firms and regardless of your current circumstances; we have solutions that will work for you! We hold your hand every step of the way – from initial set-up, onwards – always making sure you get the right result.

No doubt you have more questions, and I would be very keen to hear about your business, the particular challenges you face and how we can make your business more profitable.

Yours sincerely,
Lee Court
Solutions Expert
BOSS (Back Office Shared Services) Pty Ltd

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