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The Best Ways to Improve the Customer Service of Your Accounting Firm

It is essential for every reputable firm, regardless of size or type, to be able to provide excellent service to all of its customers. Attentiveness to the many requests of each and every customer is more important than maximizing earnings. There is an increasing need for accountants, and clients are seeking out firms that provide outstanding customer service. Today’s clients demand individualized service, but it’s not an easy task to meet. You should focus on resolving any issues that clients have with accountants and make sure that they are at the core of your company’s customer service philosophy. Customers today want a holistic customer experience that includes all touchpoints with your firm. Now, customer service must be approached from a multi-channel perspective, which encompasses online, in-person, and phone communication. Clients will be most satisfied only when accountants pay close attention to all these touchpoints. Discover why customer service is vital to today’s accountant’s survival and how to avoid negative reviews online. The BOSS outsourced accounting blog team has some helpful tips for your accounting firm on how to boost customer service.

In accounting, what is good customer service?

Accounting careers entail much more than math. Non-accounting skills, also referred to as “soft skills,” were found to be crucial considerations for businesses when making hiring decisions. 13 percent of employers said customer service competencies were the top sought-after soft skills, making them one of the most sought-after traits for new hires. According to today’s accounting leaders, excellent customer service abilities are essential for career success in the field. No matter if you want to work as a freelancing bookkeeper, accounting aide, or wages admin or in a public accounting firm, having great customer service will be an asset. For this reason, the top accounting training programs now emphasize the acquisition of customer service qualities such as sensitivity, professionalism, and a sense of ethical responsibility. There are several universal concepts that apply to all sectors and professions, including accounting. Consider your clients’ most common problems with accounting services and processes, then tailor your offerings to address those issues. Here at BOSS outsourced accounting services, we’re the best in the business at this. Even if you’re an expert in accounting, your clients will notice if you provide terrible customer service. Not only can reliable customer service enhance customer loyalty, but it can also increase the income each client spends on your services, the frequency with which clients visit your firm, and, probably most crucially, it may establish a favorable word-of-mouth impression for you and your workplace.

Be responsive. Be available.

Clients want more from businesses than ever before, and accounting professionals are no exception. 89 percent of your clients will be satisfied if you respond to their emails within one hour. Consider employing an assistant to assist you with clearing your inbox, or setting up an autoresponder to notify people when they can anticipate a response from you if you aren’t capable of responding that promptly all the time. If clients are going to trust an outsourced accounting team, they expect speedy response times, for example. No one likes to be kept waiting on a call for long periods in today’s fast-paced society. The customer’s relationship with your firm should not be sacrificed to save money. You may need to hire an additional employee to handle phone calls in busy periods. If your clients are forced to wait for service, be sure to express your regret and reward them with an extra serving of your five-star service.

Apologize, effectively, when necessary.

Don’t be scared to apologize to a disgruntled consumer if you made a mistake. It only takes one simple sentence to flip an irate customer into a satisfied one again: “I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused. I will do my best to make it good.” Re-evaluate your processes and redesign them if needed to avoid a repeat of the situation in the future. Using BOSS for your outsourced accounting needs will result in a huge decrease in your error rate, and when one does arise, which is very rare, we are transparent and honest and work quickly to fix it.

Leverage Technology 

Clients can expose any poor client experiences online for all to see on platforms like Yahoo Local, Yelp, and the latest Google MyBusiness Review website, jeopardizing your standing as an accountant and your employer’s. For instance, bad reviews may deter potential clients from using your payroll services. However, positive reviews can boost sales for your admin services. Clients’ positive views of your personable professionalism can be shared online, which can bring in new business and keep existing clients faithful.

Quite simply, the business community is seeing a revolution in automation. Companies of all sizes are looking for methods to automate everything, and customer service is no exception. You would assume that goes against personalized service but think again. Add a FAQ area to your site where customers can discover answers to all of their questions. This minimizes the level of energy customers must expend to deal with you, and minimal effort means a more positive customer experience.

Communicate better.

There are two basic skills you must develop concurrently. Communicating with your customers and paying attention to what they are saying. If you don’t take the time to listen to your clients, you won’t be able to understand their needs and concerns. It may seem simple, but it isn’t always fun to deal with customers’ complaints and issues over and over again. However, if you want to gain clients’ confidence, you’ll need to work on this particular skill. Clients should be treated with patience and allowed to express themselves.

Additionally, you should work on sharpening your ability to effectively communicate. If you can’t solve a client’s problem right away, at least tell them it will be addressed soon. When speaking with customers, use a warm and friendly manner to build a stronger connection.

ASK for their opinions!

For a financial accounting firm to build a solid reputation, it is imperative that they provide their clients with what they expect. As a result, it’s vital you encourage clients to provide feedback. Your clients’ reactions and feedback are a direct reflection of your quality of service. This is the best way to get a sense of what clients are thinking and what they like and don’t like. Use an online survey, a phone interview, or a simple question during your coming business meeting to get feedback from your clients. Our BOSS outsourced accounting staff takes great satisfaction in reaching out to clients and implementing their recommendations.

In Conclusion: Consider using Outsourced Accounting Services to reduce workload and improve customer service.

An accounting firm’s success is ultimately measured by its ability to satisfy its clients. Professional accountants must ensure that their clients are satisfied with the services they provide. There is no shortage of accounting firms to choose from, as the number has grown significantly in the last decade. Clients that stick with a company should be thanked and suggestions for service improvements should be encouraged. Efforts should also be made to incorporate the most up-to-date technology and software items that are available on the market. To ensure that basic accounting work is covered while in-house staff focuses on more value client services, they should consider hiring an outsourced accounting firm. When your customers are happy, they stick around for longer periods and also recommend you to their friends and colleagues. Contact us today for a no-obligation, no-cost consultation about our various outsourced accounting services!

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