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Key Benefits

Aside from the many listed under Benefits Over Outsourcing, BOSS can provide numerous other readily accessible benefits:


  • Finding and keeping accountants with years of experience has gotten much tougher over the past few years, including pressure to pay staff more. However BOSS can resolve this by recruiting staff from a different pool giving you the advantage over other firms
  • The trouble of hiring, training and losing staff can be exhausting. In fact you may have decided not to grow your business because of these obstacles! With BOSS you take on board fully trained staff in Australian accounting standards, taxation law and compliance and the accountants are kept continuously updated

Cost Savings

  • The cost of employing a BOSS accountant is about 46% of employing your own staff. You no longer have to worry about office space, Superannuation, Workers compensation, recruiting costs etc.


  • Suddenly using BOSS means the logistical matters are not a big constraint anymore and ramping up staffing levels becomes much more straightforward
  • Conversely if you ever have to scale back growth or downsize for any reason you do not have the normal things to worry about such as leased office space. In addition India has more relaxed employment laws which can make business decisions regarding staffing levels easier
  • BOSS can also supply accountants who work on a part-time basis solely for you
  • There is also the option of using accountants casually on an ad-hoc basis for particularly busy times

Complete Control

  • Each BOSS accountant you have is dedicated to working YOUR way using YOUR systems and YOUR procedures. All work is done as if they were an in-house employee working in the next cubicle. (This is very different to using outsourcing services where an accountant is typically serving many different companies, you cannot communicate with them directly and you lose control over the data and the person who is working on it).

More Time for You and Your Australian Staff to Spend With Your Clients

  • With BOSS doing the compliance work you and your team can be left to do the precious “value-add” work that really helps your clients and attracts higher fees.

More Free Time For You

  • You can have more time to work on your business or just to achieve a better work-life balance

Money Saved Recruiting

  • Absolutely no recruitment fees, saving you around $10,000 to $20,000 per accountant!
  • Even if you directly advertise for staff yourself, your costs would still be significantly less if using a BOSS manager that simply hands you a short list of candidates already interviewed for your role

Time Saved Recruiting

  • You give BOSS a profile of who you want to hire and we find exactly who you want
  • The selection process operates in the same way recruitment is done in Australia, except for one added benefit with using BOSS
  • We can either provide you with a shortlist of candidates or,
  • We can be entirely responsible for hiring an individual on your behalf (thus giving you time to concentrate on your business)
  • You can have candidates do any psychometric or aptitude tests that you normally use, and you can interview as many candidates as you wish

Superior Retention Rates Saving You Time & Money

  • With a typical 10-20% attrition rate of accountants in Australia employing a BOSS accountant can greatly reduce your staff turnover. We have very high staff retention rates dues to superior working conditions, salaries 20% above award wage, assured career progression for our staff and we our staff sign a contract locking them in to us for three years. This in turn means you can expect your BOSS accountant to be with you for a long time and any improvements in performance you get to benefit from for a long time.
  • If you want your BOSS accountants to do all the compliance work, you and your Australian team can do more high-level work that everyone enjoys. This also means your current staff may enjoy their work more and want to stay with you longer, retaining their added years of experience

Saving In-house Time and Trouble

  • Keep your prime charge-out time from being sapped dealing with logistical issues when running and trying to grow a business. Using BOSS the increased time and costs of expanding your premises, additional facilities and ancillary expenses are gone

Reduced Time and Expense Training Staff

  • The BOSS Manager is responsible for keeping staff up to date on Australian accounting standards, taxation law, compliance, legislation and other accounting based skills. You may just want to add a few additional procedures so that the work is done in a way that you or your clients need but as you know, this is a relatively small part of training
  • The time, trouble and money invested in regular tax update meetings are no longer your problem!

Work Reviewed at a Fraction of the Cost

For the first six months we review the work for free ready for a Partner level review. After that period you can engage a reviewer to review work at a fraction of the cost of having a supervisor or manager do it in Australia.

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