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Levelling the Playing Field

The Australian Security Industry has become extremely competitive. Increased competition has forced companies to reduce operational costs to keep prices attractive, and retain existing customers.

In a marketplace with razor-thin margins, large companies have benefited from a major advantage which used to be exclusive to them: economies of scale. They have used this in a variety of ways, but there’s one area that has played an important role in keeping their internal costs down: the outsourcing of non-strategic processes

Fortunately, Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) are no longer in a disadvantageous position. Outsourcing is now available for firms of any size.

Outsourcing accounting and admin work helps businesses to expand in two major ways. First, it frees you up to work on your business not in your business. It means you have more time to give additional service and develop new offerings for existing clients, time to look for new clients and develop new areas of services. Second, it saves businesses a significant amount of overhead.

It’s extremely rare to find a large company that doesn’t outsource some of its non-core processes. It’s almost as difficult to find SMB that do outsource processes. Is there a reason for this? Not really. Some SMB directors think that the advantages are not big enough to implement the change. Other companies are just reluctant to change. One thing is for sure: large companies will continue their efforts to shrink operational costs in order to reduce prices or improve their margins. Small and Medium size business can increase their margins and gain in flexibility as well by outsourcing accounting and other admin work.


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