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Get Familiar with LinkedIn Pages

Part 3

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Head to and sign up like you would for just about any other online service. Once you’re able to log in your main page is going to look something like this:

If it looks a bit overwhelming, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. It does take some time to become familiar with the different sections and options available to you.

What we’re seeing in the image above is our Home page. Keep in mind that this is our personal page, not our business’ page (which we will get to later).

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The majority of the work we do on LinkedIn will be done through our personal profile (as opposed to our business’ profile) because LinkedIn is all about the people behind a company logo.

At the very top in the grey bar we see:

The LinkedIn logo (the “in” in the blue box at the left) is just another way to return to our Home page.

In the middle is a search box. The drop-down arrow on the left of the search box gives us ways to filter a search by People, or Universities, or Jobs, etc…

To the right of the search box is an Advanced search option, which gives us this:

This gives us another way to filter searches. “1st Connections” are the people who we are immediately connected with. “2nd Connections” are one link removed, people who are connected to our 1st Connections. And then of course 3rd Connections are one further link removed, people linked to our 2nd Connections.

Back on the main Home page, the envelope icon is for mail.

The flag icon gives a list of new and past notices and alerts.

The head with a + sign beside it is a way to have further contacts suggested to us, and offers the option of letting LinkedIn search through our email contact lists for people we already know on LinkedIn.

If we hover over the final icon (the head in the box) we get:

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Moving down the Home page, we come to the darker horizontal bar:

Home brings us back to this Home page.

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Hovering over Profile gives us the choices of editing our profile, seeing who has viewed our profile, and seeing changes we made to our profile.

Connections is where we manage our Connections with various people. It also has options to let LinkedIn search through our email contact lists for more Connections, and to hook up our Connections with various sharing-oriented software like Evernote if we want to work on a project together.

Jobs is where we can search through job listings on LinkedIn, filtering for our interests and field.

Interests lets us search out interesting posts from our Connections, or search out top influencers in our field to follow. It’s also where we can switch to a page showing the groups we belong to, or company pages we manage.

Over on the right side of this bar is Business Services, which allows us to post jobs, advertise, or join a couple of premium (paid) services.

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Feel free to click through any of these options, they won’t commit you to anything, and you can always return Home.

Heading back to the Home page, we find a bunch of white boxes arranged vertically down the centre of the page. This is a timeline like those found on Twitter or Facebook. New posts from your connections and suggested actions or stories from LinkedIn appear here chronologically with the most recent posts at the top.

Just above these white boxes is a mini-profile of ourselves, a number telling us how many people viewed our profile over the last three months, and how many connections we have.

Just below that is where we create posts via “Share an update,” “Upload a photo,” and “Publish a post.”

Share an update” is the briefer of the two text options. Think of it as being like a Tweet, although it can be longer than Twitter’s 140 characters.

Publish a post” is much longer, like a blog post or an article. We can create a headline for it and add an image. We’re also given some font options like bold, headline, italics, and the like.

And finally off to the right of the newsfeed boxes is a smaller white box that will always suggest more people for us to connect with.

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