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How to Generate Money-Making Leads (Continued…)

Part 6a

Just a quick note here – LinkedIn keeps changing the number of people “Select All” actually selects. It used to be everyone in the list, then that number changed to 20, then 10.

So by the time you’re reading this the number may have changed again. Just be aware that you might have to send some content out more than once to reach everyone with a specific tag.

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Now that we’ve selected our Marketing tag group (in our example this group consists of the one and only Mister Court) we get a Message, Tag, and More option along the top that will do one of these three options for the whole “Marketing” tag list instead of just one person. We select Message:

And voila, we can send out some juicy content with hints, tips, some kind of promotion or deal, you name it:

Pro Tip – When we’re sending out a message to a tag group we should look for a little checkbox at the bottom of the screen where we actually create that message. The box says, “Allow recipients to see each other’s names and addresses.”

Make sure this box is unchecked.

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The reason being is that everyone wants to feel special. Mass messaging reduces that exclusivity. If everyone within a group is seeing that everyone else in the group is receiving the content then it loses some of its special snowflake shine. Your specially-constructed content is now viewed as spam. Nobody likes spam.

Generating Leads with an Exclusive Audience (Creating a Group)

Now let’s take a look at creating leads with people who are far more interested in us than a general, non-exclusive audience. This takes more work than the non-exclusive leads, but it also pays far more dividends.

We’re going to be working in groups. At the top of our page hover over Interests and then choose Groups:

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If we have a new account then the first time we go to the Groups page it will look like this:

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Since we’re looking at a profile of a writer, LinkedIn has mined that profile to suggest writer-related Groups to join.

Currently LinkedIn lets us join 50 Groups, 50 sub-groups, and create up to 10 of our own.

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That’s what we’re going to do here – create our own Group. So we click the “Create a group” button at the top right and we’re brought to:

Let’s start with the group name. Ultra important – do not name the group after yourself or your business. To attract people, we want to name the group after some service we provide, or some pain point we can alleviate. We want to name it for what we can do for other people.

Depending on your services we might want to create a group called something like “Small Business Start-ups Australia – Taxes and Accounting Made Easy for Beginning Entrepreneurs.”

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