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Generating Leads with an Exclusive Audience (Creating a Group) Continued…

Part 6b

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Say we own a professional kitchenware company. In this case we might create a group named something like, “Tips, Hints, and Tricks for Successfully Opening a Restaurant.” We might want to get even more specific and make it revolve around how to buy produce and kitchenware for beginners, or how to set up a restaurant’s accounting for beginners, and so on.

This has far more appeal for someone in our target audience than just the name of our firm or company. It displays clearly what we have to offer in the group. Plus, since we created the group, we establish an identity that says that we’re experts in that particular arena.

The Group’s picture says “logo” beside it (see picture above), but putting our business’ logo there somewhat eliminates the feeling that the Group is about helping everyone and makes it more about being a sales pitch arena.

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So instead of throwing in our business’ logo at this point we should source a picture that plays along with the title and the theme of the Group.

In the case of our small business start-up group, we can either take a picture ourselves or hit the various source picture sites to find a picture of (for example) a business-woman looking defeated by the mounds of paperwork around her.

In the case of our restaurant start-up group we might try to find a picture of a chef looking overwhelmed and looking like she or he could use a helping hand.

Group Type – Under the group name box is a drop-down menu with selections for the type of group we’re making:

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Unless we have an obvious reason to do otherwise we’re probably best off choosing Networking Group or Professional Group. These two assignments are the most likely to draw in more users in relation to the kinds of groups we’re creating.

Summary and Description – The same rules apply here as they did in our personal and business profiles – make the text about how we can help our audience, not about how great we are.

Also, load some keywords in here relating to what our group has to offer in order to give LinkedIn’s search engine something meaty to grab hold of.

Website – The link to our business’ website.

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Group owner email – Whatever our email may be.

Access – Here we choose if any old Jane or John Doe can join, or if we have to grant everybody access on an individual basis.

This depends somewhat on how dictatorial we care to be. But there are two benefits to consider if we choose the “Request to Join” option.

The first is that we can keep our competition out. That means they won’t have the opportunity to steal away our thunder in our own group, the cheeky monkeys.

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The second is that every time someone asks to connect with the group, we can check them out. This gives us the chance to introduce ourselves with a little message as we grant approval. This makes the group a little more personal, makes the joiner a little chuffed to be dealt with on an individual basis, and lets us take up some of their mental real estate with the personal attention.

In the grey box below (still in the Access section) there are three check boxes (see picture above). We’d suggest having all three checked since this allows group members to do some of the recruiting for us. And if we’ve selected the “Request to Join” option we still control who gets in.

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(Even if we didn’t choose “Request to Join” we can always kick people from a group.)

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page we see:

The first three boxes are pretty self-explanatory.

For the last choice we want “Create an Open Group.”

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An open group lets people investigate what’s going on within the group – seeing all the juicy content and help that the group has to offer – without becoming a member yet.

Members-only means nobody gets to take a peek.

Since the name of the game is sharing quality content, of course we want the world to see how awesome our group is. The more people who take a peek the more people who will want to join.

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Once we hit the “Create an Open Group” button we’ll be taken to a screen where we can set different parameters for the group (e.g. if posts can just be posted or if they have to be moderated first). Go through the various options to tweak the group’s rules to your own liking.
Also on this new page is something called a “Hero Image.”

Here’s where we can put our company logo or a banner indicating our company’s ownership of the group. The initial group image we mentioned above is about the group itself, but this image is about who runs and moderates the group.

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