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Joining Good Groups (Continued….)

Part 7a

Writing an Enticing LinkedIn Connection Invitation

So we’re gathering a bunch of relevant possible connections. What can we say to them to get them to want to become our (complete strangers) connections?

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Pro Tip – Do not hit the simplified “Connect” button. This just sends an impersonal message requesting a connection which almost nobody will trust or want to connect with.

Instead, click on the person’s name or the option to view their profile. From here we can send out a more personalized request. Keep in mind we only get about 300 characters in a connection request message, which is not a lot of space to convey value.

When we try to connect with someone from their profile page we get this screen:

And here’s a message template we can try:

If they accept the invitation to connect, immediately (not the next day, but the very second you receive a confirmation – a delay means lost traction) shoot them an invite to the group you run.

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To do this select Interests, then Groups from the top homepage bar. Select the group management page.

From here do not select “Send Invitations” down the left hand side because this sends out a generic invitation again, which is connection poison.

Instead look for the curving arrow pointing to the right at the top right of the group management page.

This is the share button, which is where we would normally send out emails to all of the group’s members.

However in this case we’re only going to be sending our message (the group invite) out to the one person, our newest connection.

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So deselect the checkbox marked “Share an update,” since this would post to the group’s timeline.

Make sure only the “Send to individuals” box is checked. This will allow us to put only that particular connection’s name in the recipient box.

Here’s a group invite template we can try:

And not that it really matters in this case since we only have one recipient, but uncheck the “Allow recipients to see each other’s names and email addresses” box just so it becomes a matter of habit.

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After all that, even if the person declines to join our group, we still have them in our non-exclusive leads (our connections as opposed to our group), so it’s not time wasted.

If we’re on our mobile and want to send out a personalized invite look for this symbol:

Then select “Customize invite.”

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