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20 Minutes Total Time Increases Referrals. BOSS Online Bookkeeping Succeeded With Similar Offer

Although most websites are happy to tell you that social media is the best way to make new leads for your business, they are seldom likely to talk about which kinds of businesses benefit the most from using social media to attract new clients. Well, unless you’re an extremely rare exemption you’ve no doubt found (if you’ve paid attention to how your leads are coming through the door) that social media for accounting firms ain’t going to cut it if you’re serious about growing your firm. Unless you’re happy to wait around for decades to bring in new clients!

Social media ads, or information on your social site that lead viewers directly to a landing page on your website, on the other hand, can certainly bring in new leads if done well. This is placing reliance on new business more so on what’s called a landing page, rather than focusing on writing a plethora of facebook posts. A landing page is essentially a place where viewers ‘land’ and it’s basically a fancy way of saying a sales page. But don’t be scared by a dedicated sales page. It doesn’t have to look and feel like a loud Coles advertisement. It can be an elegant page filled with the key ways a prospect will benefit from your services.

For ideas have a look at BOSS’ landing page which lets people know what they’ll get by using a qualified BOSS accountant or online bookkeeping service.

Although you may rely on referrals to bring in new business, do you have even a simple system in place to ensure a constant supply of referrals? Most firms believe that because a client referred someone to them they have a referral system in place. This simply won’t do the trick in today’s competitive world. However, if you want to implement a proper system but simply lack the time right now, here is a simple and effective way to increase business by only spending 20 minutes to make an adjustment to the signature of your email template that will go out to each and every client every time you send out an email. It couldn’t be more simple!

Email Signature Possibilities:

1. The informative PS
You could adjust your PS to go something like this:

Our firm is built upon referrals and working with people like you. Each and every referral we receive is very much appreciated.

By this simple statement you are attaining your goal of showing you enjoy working with your clients and you rely on referrals to build your firm. But for a more dramatic PS that asks that lets clients know what referrals get and how it can benefit them, the following is a much more effective PS.

2. An explicit PS that moves mountains

FREE Financial Analysis for All New Referrals! We are offering a Free 60 minute deep financial analysis that could save firms thousands. We appreciate your business and if you know of anyone who could benefit from this, please let them know about this offer. Thank you.

The goal of the explicit PS is to let them know your appreciation for their business and to make them aware of your referral system and how it can benefit referrals.

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