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What You Need to Know About the Power of Google Adwords Express

In today’s technology-driven world, having a presence online is essential for any business to grow and succeed. Gone are the days when a regular ad in the local paper or the yellow pages was enough to get the word out about your business, so how do you get into the world of advertising online? Luckily the internet ‘giants’ like Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are working very hard to make it easy for you to just that.

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Tips for Accounting in The Cloud

Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing areas of IT across the globe: it was the main investment area for IT departments in 2013 and 2014 and is forecast to continue as a priority in 2015. Accounting is one profession that is taking the move to the Cloud seriously. There is lots of scope for accounting firms to move their operations to the Cloud, and many practices, both large and small are taking this option. Let’s start looking at the benefits of the cloud….

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How Value-Based Pricing Works For You

Value-based pricing is rapidly becoming the pricing method of choice for professional service firms from law firms to chartered accountancies. The premise of value-based pricing is that you set prices based on the value the client perceives they are receiving. “Value is in the eye of the beholder. For any transaction to take place, both the buyer and the seller must profit from the exchange and receive more value – in their subjective perception – than what they are giving up,”

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How to Improve Your Cash Flow

To improve cash flow, you need to change the pace of cash coming into the business, and spread the rate of outgoing cash evenly across the month. There are a number of ways to help achieve this. One of the best ways is to implement a value-based pricing system in tandem with using upfront payment methods. Value based pricing is looked at in depth in our article How Value-Based Pricing Works For You.

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Easy Way to Inform Clients about Outsourcing Accounting Work

Easy Way to Inform Clients about Outsourcing Accounting Work

One of the main things for you and your clients need to be clear about is that you are ultimately responsible for the supervision and control of the work and therefore are compliant because that is required by law. (Naturally for you that does mean checking out your outsourcing provider’s credentials and security protocols and also their compliance with APESB and TPB guidelines about supervision).

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How to Get Staff to Embrace Outsourced Accounting

The accountancy profession is going through a massive change as technology and the move to outsource accounting is enabling firms to provide a better advisory service, control costs better and have a flexible core compliance workforce. The change is inevitable for all firms but managing the change well is of the upmost importance.

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