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Four Tips to Hitting Your Perfect Price Point Part 4

In creating urgency, you’re setting a due date and thereby nudging your potential client past the sense of this not being “the right time.” Suddenly there’s a very limited “right time” to get the services they were considering for a reduced price.  Read More

Four Tips to Hitting Your Perfect Price Point Part 2

There can be a lot of value gained by pricing yourself as the Rolls Royce of the accounting world. Which pricing strategy would work best for you at this time? With BOSS, bringing on the outsourced accountant needn't be a frightening thought, we have trained accountants that can follow your in-house procedures on all of your jobs!  Read More

How Value-Based Pricing Works For You Part 2

The end-client has a clear idea of exactly what they get for their money for a clearly defined job. The client gets peace of mind. It improves the relationship with the end-client – fees do not creep up due to more time being taken on a specific job. One month’s notice ONLY with a BOSS outsourced accountant! If you’re looking around ask about contract terms, many outsourcing providers ask for long notice cancellation periods. Don’t get trapped!  Read More

How to Improve Your Cash Flow Part 2

How to Improve Your Cash Flow Part 2. Other Ways to Improve Cash Flow without Dramatically Changing Your Billing Style. Cash flow problems have potentially huge knock-on effects; growth can be impeded and revenue opportunities lost. Time is wasted chasing late payments and it causes a lot of stress. For some companies cash flow issues can simply mean the business goes under. So if your cash flow could be better, do yourself a favour and do something about it now!  Read More

How Value-Based Pricing Works For You Part ½

Value-based pricing is rapidly becoming the pricing method of choice for professional service firms from law firms to chartered accountants. The premise of value-based pricing is that you set prices based on the value the client perceives they are receiving. “Value is in the eye of the beholder. For any transaction to take place, both the buyer and the seller must profit from the exchange and receive more value – in their subjective perception – than what they are giving up,” says Ron Baker, author of Pricing On Purpose: How To Implement Value Pricing in Your Firm.  Read More

How to Lead the Technology Wave Part ½

Are you ready to be at the head of the change in a world of virtual accounting? Cell phones became mobile devices. Classic office procedures are in the midst of evolving into a paperless endeavour as we speak. Tablets were something to goof on only four or five years ago – but 4.8 million of them were sold in Australia in 2013. Want to get started on our Freedom Service’s outsourcing accounting work? By far the greatest changes to the way accounting services are performed is coming from the world of technology.  Read More

Don’t Let Hackers Penetrate Your Clients’ Files – Use a Password Manager

A password manager is a big step towards protecting yourselves and will take the worry out of somebody stealing your login information. They will store your login details for every website you use and assist you in logging into them automatically. All of your passwords are encrypted and your master password, which gives you access to all your passwords, is the only one you have to remember.  Read More

Accounting Firm With One Owner Sells Business for AUD $144 Million Dollar Profit

With an annual turnover of around £20 million and over 14,500 clients, it’s easy to see why private equity firms were on alert when Mr Simon Dolan decided to put his firm SJD Accountancy, up for sale in 2014. Sold to Sovereign Capital as part of a 100 million pound deal, Dolan, then 45, walked away with a clear £81 million ($144 million AU) in his pocket. But he is the first to admit growth didn’t happen overnight! He also readily explains that he didn’t receive outstanding growth doing things using traditional accounting methods of expansion.  Read More

Is Your Quality of Service High Enough?

The problem is that many accountants don’t really feel like they’re in a service industry. Instead, their position is accounting is an essential business and, being essential, it will automatically have clients. This leads to grist-mill firms that revolve around compliance work.   Read More

Which Remote Bookkeeping Software Is Preferred on Usability, Price, Support and Security?

Software programs used by bookkeepers is generally something chosen by the bookkeeper themselves or the company they are working for. Price is often a consideration when purchasing but can long term ease of use make up for up front costs, potentially saving your business thousands in the long run?  Read More

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