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4 Big Reasons Why Your Firm Will Benefit from Using Outsource Accounting Cloud Computing

There’s no such thing as working in a vacuum. Your firm will grow not in isolation, but because you learn to make the most out of your associations with other businesses. The more efficient the exchange between your firm and the outside business, the more your will benefit. This rule of thumb applies equally as well to when you outsource accounting.

While we offer a number of different ways for you to set up the I.T. end of how you work with your overseas team when you outsource accounting services, we almost always recommend cloud computing as being the most efficient way to go.

Here are 4 reasons why we make that recommendation.

1. Efficiency.

If multiple people (both in-house and overseas) are working a file they’re going to want access.

If you’re working the file either on physical paper or in a work-and-then-send approach, there’s a good chance that your people are either going to have to wait (more than once) for the updated file or they’ll be working with outdated information.

However with cloud computing the changes any one person makes to a file is saved instantaneously, which means everyone on the team has access to all the latest changes without having any down-time.

2. You receive top-tier outsource accounting I.T. security.

The security that our servers and I.T. experts provide for our biggest clients is the exact same level of security that a one-man or woman firm will receive.

To achieve the same level of security in your own firm would run you at least into the tens of thousands of dollars. It also leaves you relying on the availability of your I.T. person or team – what happens if your servers go down and your I.T. person is sick? That’s a lot of down-time where you can’t get any work done.

Also, your sensitive data isn’t in your firm’s computers or your laptops. So when you use outsource accounting servers if any of your hardware gets stolen your data is still safe (assuming the thieves didn’t get your passwords).

4 Big Reasons Why Your Firm Will Benefit from Using Outsource Accounting Cloud Computing

3. Security and software is upgraded for you.

Everybody knows that digital technology is constantly upping its game at a breakneck speed. Trying to keep up with both software security and your work software will require a considerable amount of research, cost for new versions or new programs, and loss of productivity as programs are updated or swapped out entirely for the latest thing.

However when you use outsource accounting software that’s all handled for you. All you have to do is have your programs automatically update the client-side software on occasion (just like your computer is probably updating most of your current programs).

4. Worldwide access.

Well, access from anywhere with a wi-fi signal anyway.

If you’re at a lunch meeting with a client and they want some info that you don’t currently have with you it’s simplicity itself to call the data down from the cloud. No more making your client wait while you fetch the info later that day.

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