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How You Can Outsource Accounting to Help Make Mistakes Pay Off in the Long Run

When you take on the responsibility of building your firm, flaws will inevitably arise. After all, you are only human, and no one is perfect. Mistakes will undoubtedly be made along the way, but what truly matters is how you choose to handle these mistakes. Instead of allowing them to hinder your progress, you have the opportunity to turn them into valuable learning experiences that can have a positive and lasting effect on your company. This is where the decision to outsource accounting can be particularly beneficial. By entrusting your accounting needs to a knowledgeable and experienced third-party provider, you are not only alleviating some of the burden on yourself but also allowing your firm to thrive. Outsourcing allows you to tap into the expertise of professionals who specialise in accounting, reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring that your financial records are accurate and up-to-date. With reliable and accurate financial information at your disposal, you can make more informed decisions for your firm’s future growth and success, drawing valuable insights from past mistakes and using them to build a stronger and more resilient business. By outsourcing accounting, you are not only taking a proactive approach to addressing the flaws within your firm but also setting the stage for long-term success and sustainability.


Taking advantage of mistakes requires being aware that they have occurred and understanding the specific details of the problem. This can be achieved through documenting the workflow systems used in your firm for various types of work. If you decide to outsource your accounting, this can free up time for you to focus on creating these documents. It is recommended to create a Word file or flowchart that outlines each step involved in completing a specific type of work. These documents should be organised and easily accessible, perhaps by implementing a system for naming and categorising them. Additionally, they should be user-friendly and straightforward enough that anyone can refer to them and complete their tasks without constant supervision. By establishing and maintaining such documentation, you can not only reduce the occurrence of mistakes but also ensure efficient and consistent work processes within your firm.

Now, when something goes wrong in your accounting processes, outsourcing can provide a valuable solution. No longer will you have to deal with vague explanations such as “we didn’t get Client X’s payroll done on time.” Instead, by freeing up time through outsourcing, you can delve deeper into the issue and identify the specific step within your system that caused the delay. This level of specificity makes it immensely easier to fix the problem at hand. For instance, you might discover that the specific employee assigned to that task is not proficient enough or that you need different software to streamline the process. Additionally, you might realise that you need to allocate more human resources to ensure efficient completion of the payroll work. Consequently, outsourcing allows you to identify the root cause of the problem quicker and provides you with a much clearer roadmap for resolving the issue.

Don’t just fix. Improve.

When faced with a problem, it is important to not just fix it and return to the previous status quo. Instead, take the opportunity to go beyond where you were before. Outsourcing accounting can free up time for you to focus on improving your system and ultimately benefiting your entire firm. Although there may be added expenses in the short term, it is necessary to consider the long-term benefits. Will your improved system attract more clients and give you an advantage when pitching projects to top clients? Will the improvement not only cover its costs but also generate increased revenue for your firm? It is crucial to see these improvements as investments that have the potential to greatly benefit your business in the future.

In addition to personnel, computers, and software, it is important to consider every aspect that will have an impact on your client’s perception. This includes things like your mode of transportation and the way you present yourself. By outsourcing accounting work, you are not only freeing up some overhead but also opening up possibilities for upgrading other areas of your business. For instance, instead of continuing to drive an old car, consider investing in something more stylish and sophisticated. This change can reflect success and professionalism, making you more attractive to potential clients. Similarly, pay attention to your attire and the design of your website and office space. These elements play a significant role in creating a positive image and making a statement about your company. So, rather than viewing breakdowns as setbacks, regard them as opportunities to improve and expand your firm.

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