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A Quick Tip on How You Can Outsource Accounting to Help Make Mistakes Pay Off in the Long Run

You have flaws. You’re the one building your firm, ergo your firm is bound to have flaws. There is no question that you will make mistakes. That means that the question really becomes how can you use those mistakes to make a positive and permanent impact on your firm? When you outsource accounting you’re able to do just that.


First things first. The best way to take advantage of mistakes is to know that they’ve occurred, to know the specifics of the problem. The best way to do that is to document your workflow systems for any kind of work that you do in your firm.

If you outsource accounting you’re going to free up time that will let you create these documents. Create a word file or a flowchart that details each step that a file goes through in relation to a certain kind of work. These documents should be easy to find (have a system for naming your systems) and should be easy enough to understand that just about anybody could pick one up and put in a good day’s work without supervision.

Now, when something goes wrong, it’s not going to be a vague “we didn’t get Client X’s payroll done on time.” Instead, you’ll take that time you free up when you outsource accounting to identify the specific step within a system where the payroll work got slowed down. This makes it immensely easier to fix because you’ll be able to recognize, for example, that you have the wrong employee doing that specific bit of work, or you don’t have the right software, or that you need more people on the job, and so on.

You’ll identify the root cause of a problem quicker, and you’ll have a much clearer idea of how to render the fix.

Don’t just fix. Improve.

This brings us to our tip of the day. When you’ve identified the problem don’t just fix it to get it back to the status quo you had before the problem reared its ugly head. Instead, use some of that time you free up when you outsource accounting to figure a way to take your system beyond where it was before. Take this as an opportunity to improve the system and thereby your firm as a whole.

This might very well mean some added expense, at least in the short term. But consider this – will your improved system (and your improved firm) attract more clients? Will it give you more ammunition when you pitch projects to A-list clients? Will your improvement not only pay for itself but will it reap increased revenue for your firm from here on out?

Here’s a bonus tip – this doesn’t just apply to personnel, computers, or software. It also includes everything that will make an impression on your client.

Since you outsource accounting work you’re going to free up some overhead, so the next time your old beater of a car breaks down consider upgrading to something a little sexier. People are going to be much more attracted to an accountant that is driving a car that smells of success rather than a rust-bucket.

The same goes for the way you dress. The look of your website. The interior design of your office can make a huge statement about you.

When something breaks down don’t see it as a setback, but rather an opportunity to expand your firm.

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