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You Want to Outsource Bookkeeping Services – Here’s How to Get Reluctant Clients On Board

Considering how much business owners can dislike doing their own books you might still find a considerable amount of reluctance from your clients when you offer to outsource bookkeeping services.

The main fear might revolve around security – the thought of unknown entities getting their thumbs into one’s private books can be intimidating.

However, those fears are unfounded when it comes to accredited professional institutions like BOSS. BOSS itself is a Practice Entity Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, which means we work to a strict code of ethics.

The Benefits when you Outsource Bookkeeping

Once you’ve quelled the main fears of your client it’s time to spell out the benefits that outsourcing brings to your client’s business.

  • Since outsourcing is scalable to the work at hand you don’t have to retain in-house accountants during slow seasons. This savings in overhead for your firm is directly passed on to your clients.
  • Low-cost infrastructure. BOSS is familiar with most accounting software programs meaning you likely won’t have to spend time or money switching out programs, and no particular program will be forced on your firm.
  • More eyes on the prize. When you outsource bookkeeping it means that your client’s file passes before more than one set of expert eyes. This gives a far greater chance for you and your outsourced team to not only keep the books in tip top shape, but also to pick out red flags that can save their business a lot of financial grief down the line. In other words your clients will be gaining a financial watchdog when you outsource bookkeeping in addition to the basic services offered by your firm.
  • You and your client are able to stay focused on building their business. Bookkeeping adds a lot of stress to a budding entrepreneur’s life. It gets all the harder when they’re trying to keep their numbers straight while at the same time they’re scurrying around to put out the fires that naturally arise in a small or medium-sized business. When you outsource bookkeeping it means that you, their direct-contact accounting expert, are also more available to help them with those financial problems without any loss of quality in the basic bookkeeping compliance work.
  • Expertise is an email away. If your client expands their business they may need other forms of financial help. If you outsource bookkeeping it nabs you the experts you need without having to dump a lot of money into hiring an in-house expert who, aside from the one client, might not have enough work to warrant their cost. These savings get passed along to your client, plus the expertise is available so much quicker than if you had to go through a hiring process.

The Bottom Line when you Outsource Bookkeeping

The bottom line is that if you choose to outsource bookkeeping you’re going to save your clients both time and money, with no loss of quality or expertise. That time and money is made available for them to focus on boosting their company.

They get a worry-free way to reinvest in themselves, and you now have the chance to bring more of your own accounting expertise to bear on helping them grow their business.

Outsource Bookkeeping Services Get Reluctant Clients On Board

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