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Could BOSS Outsourced Accounting be Your Firm’s Saviour During Busy Tax Time?

Of all the features a BOSS Freedom Service outsourcing accountant offers accounting firms, the top 3 applaused features as decided by BOSS clients are:

  • A fixed-fee for every job which promises no budget overruns forever and no write-offs! (All job prices are agreed upon before any work starts so there’s no sneaky surprises to budget for)
  • With a commitment of only 50 hours of work per month your firm can have the same outsourced accounting staff working for you every month and you can add more hours any month without extra contracts. (Keep the same accountant for all of your jobs so your accountant becomes accustomed with your procedures)
  • BOSS does all the accountant training! (As well as an initial six month training program for every accountant and bookkeeper that joins BOSS, every month all accountants have taxation training to keep them abreast of any Australian tax changes or any other taxation issues- the only thing your firm needs to do is let your outsourced accountant know your own procedures)

Some more benefits BOSS offers clients:

  • Forget about paying for sick leave, annual leave or any other kind of leave (BOSS takes care of this headache for your firm. Any time an accountant or bookkeeper is on some kind of leave for an extended time, annual holidays for example, BOSS will replace your accountant to make sure all of your work gets done)
  • No kick-start fees, or any other hidden fees to worry about …ever.
  • Enjoy speaking and emailing directly with your accountant. (Skype and/or email)
  • All of your accounting work is reviewed by experienced senior staff before it goes back to you.

When tax time comes around, it’s possible to be stress-free in getting all your clients’ work done on time. Schedule a call with BOSS and have your own Freedom Service virtual accountant set up for you within a few days.

As a side note regarding security…

  • Should your firm have a fast internet connection and server or if you use a cloud based system, 100% of all BOSS work can be performed online which means no data will ever leave your office. You decide which folders and files you’d like your BOSS accountant to see and have access to on your server.
  • BOSS India restricts using the internet (webmail accounts etc) so nothing can leave the office.
  • Biometric software is used at the entrances and exits of the BOSS India office and nobody can gain access without scanning their fingerprint for added security.
  • BOSS staff sign a Confidentiality Agreement upon joining
  • BOSS accountants and bookkeepers are recruited with the same stringent criteria as if taking on Australian accounting staff.
  • For an extra piece of mind we have Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Although your firm is dealing with BOSS India on a day to day basis, BOSS India is employed by BOSS Australia so your contract is with an Australian entity.
  • If you’re interested in more security information, go here.

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