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Outsourced Accounting Services Mesh Well With the Cloud

Some people are interested in the savings offered by outsourced accounting services but they hesitate because they keep receiving bad information regarding the cloud. Today we thought we’d go through some of the most common misconceptions regarding working via the cloud.

It’s not safe

People sometimes get hung up on the idea that your information is “just out there”. They think a client’s files would be safer in paper form in a filing cabinet or on their own computer.

This is the exact opposite of the truth. A computer can be stolen. Filing cabinets can easily be broken into compared to the layers upon layers of security set up for cloud storage and transactions.

Think about it – someone attempting to hack into a cloud-stored file would have to know multiple programming languages and have immense expertise in each of them, and even then they could be traced. A locked filing cabinet can be broken into by anybody with a crowbar and five minutes.

Outsourced accounting services automatically up your clients’ security by an exponential degree compared to any program, computer, or physical security you could provide in your own offices.

The cloud isn’t as up to date as installed Program X

This is a weird one. Some people seem to think that because the program on their own computer occasionally updates that it is cutting edge, whereas the cloud is somehow set in stone and doesn’t evolve.

The cloud, accessed by outsourced accounting services, is continually being upgraded in response to new methods of attack and to integrate new technologies. It’s almost a living, growing thing, worked on by security, programmers, and technology specialists from a variety of backgrounds that aren’t loyal to any one company brand.

Installed software on the other hand does exactly that – it sticks to brand loyalty instead of going with the best ideas. Outsourced accounting services can suffer in this case because the software company is not able to react fluidly to your needs; you’ll have to fit your business to their software, rather than the software changing to suit your needs.

Outsourced Accounting Services Mesh Well With the Cloud

You have to rely on the internet and the cloud site being up

This one does have some basis in truth. However, as you’ve probably found, the rare times that you’ve had a problem it’s because of your local internet service provider, right?

Well if you have a problem with your local program, how do you get online to look up fixes or to get in touch with the program’s company so they can offer help or take a remote look?

Also, when errors occur on the cloud, they’re attacked instantly. When you run into a bug with a local program, the company may take months to fix the bug, if they do at all.

The cloud is the bargain basement version of a proper program

This is simply not true. When it comes to pricing, the cloud gives way more bang for your buck than any in-house program could ever deliver. Outsourced accounting services will continually shape the cloud, meaning that the cloud is forever becoming better and better for accountants. In-house programs are glacial in comparison.

The cloud is the wild west of programs

The misconception here is that since so many people are developing the cloud it becomes an unregulated mess.

This is not true. Cloud companies, like any other company, need to provide excellent service in order to stay in business. The cloud is a business for a lot of people, so they need it to look sharp. That means new features are always well tested before they are opened up to outsourced accounting services.

Additionally, this means that cloud programs will always be more cutting-edge than static in-house programs, providing features and security based on feedback not just from you but from potentially hundreds of firms.

In just about every measurable manner the cloud is safer and more efficient for accounting firms. If you have any further questions about using the cloud with your outsourced team members please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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