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Outsourcing Your Accounting Jobs With BOSS For Added Security

Ann Turner of Cordner Wilson & Ludeke Pty Ltd said about her BOSS Accountant:

“He learned very quickly, he’s very talented and we’re confident to give him any level of work.”

With BOSS outsourcing you can:

➨ Hire an experienced accountant that does high-quality work

➨ Reduce your salary costs by over 50%

➨ Increase your profits by as much as 54%

➨ Free up your time so you can focus on your business and clients

➨ Hire an accountant that solely works for your company

With BOSS outsourcing, you have complete control over your BOSS accountant and the work they provide, as the accountant is solely employed by your company.

BOSS outsourcing is a strategic solution that effectively tackles the prevailing concerns in the marketplace regarding control and security of data. By entrusting their accounting tasks to BOSS, companies can be assured that their sensitive financial information is in safe hands. BOSS not only prioritises data security but also delivers exceptional quality by providing highly skilled and experienced accountants. These professionals are meticulously chosen by BOSS, ensuring that they possess the necessary expertise and qualifications to handle complex accounting tasks. Moreover, BOSS offers these qualified accountants competitive salaries that are also aligned with the satisfaction and well-being of the accountants themselves. This approach leads to significantly higher retention rates, preventing the constant turnover commonly experienced in the industry. Ultimately, by choosing BOSS, businesses can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their data is secure while benefiting from the exceptional expertise and commitment of high-calibre accountants.

➨ Your firm is supplied with experienced accountants

➨ Accountants are fully trained by BOSS and receive continual training to keep them up to date with constant tax changes. You don’t need to provide any training*

➨ Outsourced accountants work in our office not yours. Unlike other outsourcing companies BOSS accountants work YOUR way using YOUR procedures, this ensures the quality of work is and completed exactly how you need it done

You maintain complete control as if they were your staff in the next room!

*The only guidance your BOSS accountant needs is in the beginning when you instruct them on your procedures.

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