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Want to Know How Outsourcing Accounting Services Can Help You Define Your Value Proposition?

There’s too much competition in the Australian and New Zealand accounting industries for you to hang out your shingle and just be yet another counting firm. You have to be special. You have to be different. You have to offer something in a way that’s better than all the other competing firms. Outsourcing accounting services can help you do just that.

What is a Value Proposition?

Your firm’s value proposition is a short statement (usually only a sentence or two) telling potential clients what kind of client you help, what pains you’re going to soothe for them, and how your firm is unique in its approach.

So if your firm revolves around SMSFs then your value proposition will be aimed specifically at SMSF groups and the associated speedbumps your firm is expert at helping people get over.

Another way of looking at your statement is that you’re not selling yourself to potential clients by saying “I’m an accountant.” Instead you want to say, “I’m the woman who helps new businesses get through their first year,” or “I’m the guy who helps SMSF groups get the most bang for their buck,” or “I’m in the business of payroll stress-relief.”

You’re setting yourself up as the hero of your niche group. And outsourcing accounting services are your plucky sidekick who helps you deliver on your value proposition.

What Should Your Value Proposition Be?

If you’re not sure how your firm is unique (or how it should be unique) you already have a built-in marketing team – your clients. Don’t be afraid to ask them about how they regard your firm. Keep in mind you’re not asking them what services you offered them but rather what fears or pains or concerns you were able to help them alleviate.

“You helped me with compliance work,” isn’t that answer you’re looking for.

“You helped me be able to sleep at night by helping me get ahead of the thousand and one forms that were snowing me under when I was starting my business,” is far more helpful. Your value proposition can be found in answers like this. In fact, it may even be the answer that helps you streamline your firm to better serve your particular niche of clients.

Instead of being yet another “accounting firm” you’re now “in the business of helping new entrepreneurs rest easy at night.”

Outsourcing accounting services and Your Value Proposition

So you have your niche client base and an idea of how you best serve them. Here’s how you check to see if your value proposition (and your firm as a whole) is serving them as best as you can.

First, make sure that you’re solving a real problem that can have some dire consequences for your client if it’s not fixed.

Second, will there be enough instances of this problem to make your firm viable? In the example of helping small businesses get their start, what is a problem that all (or the vast majority anyway) of the businesses you help are likely to face?

Third, are your clients going to recognise that you helped them? Is the problem you help solve weighing heavy on their minds or is it just background noise?

Last, are you filling a need that has yet to be filled? Is the problem that you’re helping to solve one that comes up again and again? If the answer is yes then it’s likely that it’s being underserved, which means it’s a good bet that your firm can really capture the market in that particular area. Here’s how outsourcing accounting services is going to help you with your value proposition. As you identify the pain you’re going to help alleviate you may find that you’re not yet up to speed on all the rules and regulations that are associated with your clients’ problems.

You can’t exactly set up a value proposition for your firm but then shrug your shoulders when it’s time to get down to the actual work.

But don’t worry – you don’t have to put off constructing your value proposition, you just have to talk to us instead.

If it falls under the banner of Australian or New Zealand’s accounting practices our certified team of overseas accountants can handle it. That means you can just give us a call and we’ll get you set up with a trained and experienced accountant who will handle all the work you’re not quite familiar with.

It’s a whole lot cheaper than hiring a new specialist in-house, and it saves you the time of having to train yourself.

That’s our value proposition – we help accounting firms just like yours grow as painlessly as possible.

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