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Do You Know How to Let Go? How Outsourcing Accounting Work Will Help You Learn How to Delegate

When you started your firm every little detail was filtered through you – everything from how you worked a file right down to what kind of coffee you served to a client. You don’t want to be that one-man or woman shop any longer and you’re ready to expand. But there may be one big thing holding you back – you. So let’s take a look at how outsourcing accounting work will help your firm move past your own self.


It can be nerve-wracking, putting some of the essential bits and pieces of your firm into another person’s hands. But every CEO realises at some point that delegating at least some of the work is essential if their business has any chance of getting bigger.

There’s an added risk beyond the founder’s reluctance to let go – it costs money to expand.

Outsourcing accounting work is going to help relieve the weight of both of these worries.

Save Money and Time

The first consideration is all that money and time you have to spend to hire someone in. There’s the overhead – furniture, computers, benefits, and so on.

In addition, there’s the time you spend training the person to handle some of those essential portions of your business that you’ve spent so much time and effort building up. And then… you let them have at it. If they work out… phew. You’ve just brought on a single worker after all that expenditure. If they don’t work out… that’s a lot of time and money wasted, and you have to do it all over again.

But when you turn to outsourcing accounting work with BOSS there really isn’t any such thing as wasting time on trying to net a single valuable worker. Instead you’re treated to a wide pool of thoroughly trained and certified accountants who are already up to speed on Australian and New Zealand’s best accounting practices.

That means you get to spend so much more time on concentrating on your top tier tasks, client management, and promoting your new expanded services. All you have to do is set up a manageable workflow, which leads us to our next point.

Do You Know How to Let Go? How Outsourcing Accounting Work Will Help You Learn How to Delegate

Save Yourself

So you’ve already saved yourself the worry over spending a lot of time and money on someone who may not work out. Now it’s time to save yourself the worries associated with delegating.

As we said above, delegation comes for us all… or at least all of us who want to grow our business. At some point it becomes unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean that you just have to throw your hard-won successes to the winds and hope for the best.

When you sign on to outsourcing accounting work we ask you to set up a schedule or check-list of how you like to proceed through your work processes. We don’t force you to adhere to our practices, we adapt to yours. So you take a moment and set down a definitive way you want any particular kind of file to proceed. And then you hand that process and the related files to us. This doesn’t mean that you never hear from us again, leaving you sweating about the quality of work until you get the file back at the end.

Instead, with this clearly defined workflow, outsourcing accounting work means you’ll be able to check in on any point of the process to see how things are going. You’ll know if a file is lagging, or where your overall process might need some beefing up to keep things flowing as smoothly as you’d like.

You’re not giving up your work. Instead you’re gaining a bird’s eye view of the whole assembly line, rather than being fixated on any one point in the process at a time. You’ll be gaining a firmer grasp of how your work is going and you’ll be able to identify and fix problems at a much more rapid pace than when you were doing everything yourself.

Being able to respond to logjams so quickly, you’ll be able to process more work and even offer new services.

By letting go your firm will grow and all the while you’ll still be firmly at the helm.

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