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BOSS Review and Turnaround Time

If you engage us for casual jobs we review work at the query stage and when the job has been completed. This ensures the quality of work is always high and saves you time at your end. The review process means that the turnaround time for casual accounting jobs is typically 2-3 weeks. For bookkeeping jobs the turnaround time can be quicker especially for critical jobs or cyclical jobs you need such as payroll. The fee for the review is added to the overall job.

If you engage a new permanent accountant or bookkeeper, we review the work for free in the first six months. The turnaround times are the same as above for the first six months but after that period you can choose either:

(i) not to have a review done thus making the turnaround time much quicker e.g. 24 hours, or

(ii) you can opt to pay for a reviewer to save you time reviewing work.

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