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Top 10 Lead Generation Methods

Gaining insights from industry experts can be invaluable in saving time, effort, and resources. The Wellesley Hills Group is a renowned marketing agency that specialises in serving professional services firms. They conducted an extensive survey of 700 firms to provide a comprehensive analysis of various lead generation strategies. By studying their findings, you can make informed decisions and optimise your own lead-generation efforts.

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It is interesting to note that “warm” calls are considered the most effective method. However, in order to generate these warm calls, other activities such as emailing, snail mailing, networking, and “cold” calling must be undertaken first. Unsurprisingly, only 10% of all firms rate cold calling as effective, ranking it 25th on the list. This demonstrates that a combination of strategies implemented systematically is often necessary for success.

In addition to the aforementioned strategies, another method that companies can employ to generate brand exposure and engage with their target audience is the organisation of in-house events. These events offer a valuable opportunity for companies to showcase their products or services, demonstrate expertise, and foster meaningful connections with potential customers or business partners. According to recent studies, approximately forty-five per cent of firms have found this strategy to be successful in achieving their marketing objectives.

However, simply organising an in-house event is not enough to guarantee its success. It is crucial for companies to carefully consider and implement a comprehensive array of techniques to attract attendees and ensure the event’s effectiveness. This can include various promotional efforts such as targeted email marketing campaigns, social media advertising, word-of-mouth referrals, and partnerships with relevant industry influencers.

Although some of these techniques may initially appear ineffective or time-consuming, they are necessary in order to facilitate the effectiveness of other methods. For instance, while targeted email marketing campaigns may not yield an immediate high response rate, they can help create awareness and generate interest among potential attendees. Likewise, partnerships with industry influencers can significantly boost the event’s visibility and credibility, thereby attracting a larger and more relevant audience.

In summary, organising in-house events can be a valuable marketing strategy for companies seeking to increase brand exposure and engage with their target audience. However, the success of such events relies on the careful implementation of various techniques, some of which may not yield immediate results. By employing a comprehensive approach and considering both short-term and long-term goals, companies can maximise the effectiveness of their in-house events and ultimately achieve their desired outcomes. Once you have determined what methods seem to be effective, the next step is to consider what options align with your available resources. This includes considering factors such as your time, budget, and expertise. For instance, if you are comfortable speaking in front of a larger audience of 20 people or more, you could consider organising an in-person event. However, it is important to note that hosting such an event would require additional efforts, including promotional activities and potentially building a list of contacts. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize that executing this process will take time and careful planning.

It is crucial to actively measure the effectiveness of whatever strategy or approach you choose. Understanding the number of new leads generated, the conversion rate from leads to clients, and the resulting revenue from each client is essential. Additionally, tracking the expenditures associated with each component of your marketing campaign is necessary. By consistently monitoring these metrics over time, you can strategically piece together a plan that aligns with your goal of generating an additional $100,000 in revenue for the upcoming year. Ultimately, this comprehensive understanding will inform your budgetary needs, necessary actions, and projected timeline for achieving a return on investment. Remember, in the realm of marketing, measurement serves as a linchpin to success.

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