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5 Ways Outsourced Accounting Can Help Fulfill Your Vision of Being a Bigger Firm

One of the concerns you might have when you’re considering outsourced accounting is how your current in-house employees might take the news.

They may feel threatened by the idea – they may believe you’re looking to purely shrink costs and as a result, somewhere along the way, their jobs will be getting the axe.

While having an overseas team is indeed a fantastic way to save money its primary goal is not reduction – it’s expansion.

Get your current in-house team excited by your vision of expansion by sharing with them the following 5 points about outsourced accounting.

1. You’ll be able to sell the idea of greater security to potential clients.

Working with BOSS means you get access to some immensely secure servers and portals, the likes of which a small or medium-sized firm would probably not be able to afford to build on their own.

That means you and your team will be able to offer the same level of top-end cloud-based security that the big international firms use, but without the prices that they pay.

2. There is no down time.

Files aren’t going to lie dormant as they would when an in-house staff member falls ill or heads off for vacation.

By the same token your team won’t lose a specialised service if an in-house specialist is fired or is recruited by the competition.

Outsourced accounting gives you access to a pool of talent that is both wide and deep. If someone overseas happens to be absent your work won’t suffer – an equally qualified worker can be put in their place until your usual team member makes their return.

3. You can expand the number of services your firm offers.

Your in-house team members will now be able to sweeten their pitches to potential clients and offer current clients more benefits from keeping all of their work under your firm’s one roof.

If you currently don’t have someone who knows all the rules and regulations of, for example, SMSF practices, then you can arrange to have your outsourced accounting team slot someone into place who can handle that kind of work (all of BOSS’ overseas team members are certified and qualified in all forms of Australia and New Zealand’s tax practices).

4. None of you will lose time looking for or training new talent.

Headhunting for new specialists can cost a lot of money (an estimated $4000 U.S. per new hire). It also eats up a lot of time in both the headhunting and in training the person in your processes.

There is no headhunting involved with outsourced accounting. BOSS has already done all the vetting for you, so you’re going to end up with a qualified team overseas that will be sending back work that at least meets the quality of work that you’re known for, if not exceeding it.

5. Your team will be able to focus on what they want.

Your current team will be able to delegate the basic compliance work via outsourced accounting, leaving them free to tackle the biggest problems their clients face as well as spending more face-time with clients.

Their clients will love the extra attention. Your in-house team will be doing the kind of work they want to be doing. And taken altogether you’ll be working together to fulfill your vision of growing your firm.

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