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Building Your Google+ Business

Google+ Guide
Part 11

NOTE: As of April 2019 Google no longer offers the Google+ platform. BOSS offers a free Expert Step-By-Step LinkedIn Guide to Get Your Business Seen Online Click here for the whole guide. Building Your Google+ Business

So we’ve figured out how to connect our website and we’ve made our business’ page all pretty and informative. Now it’s time to actually earn some recognition (which we hope will convert to sales).

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First things first – here is a link to the Google+ policies’ page. You should probably peruse this to make sure you don’t inadvertently do something that will give Google a reason to yank your page, but pay particular attention to the Contests and Promotions Page if your business ever holds such events.

Gaining Relevant Followers

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First let’s define what we mean by “relevant.” Relevant followers are people you have in your circles who are actually going to interact with your business through Google+.

These people are much more likely to spread the good word about your business to their circles, to share your posts with them, to leave good ratings, or to reply to your posts.

Remember, interactivity is the name of the game.

Irrelevant followers are just lurkers who don’t really add anything of value to your business. Really all they’re going to do for you is maybe add some legitimacy to your business by boosting your number of followers for others to see, but that’s about it. Otherwise they’re not going to interact with you in any valuable way.

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Finding People in your Field

There are essentially two kinds of people you want to search out in relation to your industry.

The first are customers or clients of your type of business.

The others are people who work in the field. It’s even better if you can connect with the big influencers in your field – the people who have a wide pool of followers that trust that person or company for advice.

Note – you don’t have to connect with them all in one big swoop. Set yourself a goal – maybe 5 connections a day, or 10, or even 1. Not everyone you try to connect with is going to agree, so you’ll have to lob out more invitations than are eventually accepted. Decide how much time you can spend a day doing this, and set your goals accordingly.

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Now you’re off on the hunt. For influencers, look for online magazines, review websites, equipment providers, people who write books or news articles about your field, other businesses, and so on.

If you get stuck, look up your competition and see who they follow.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your competition in general in the social media world. They can provide you with ideas of what kind of content does well with customers, what kind of content doesn’t land, and good practices of how to interact with customers.

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And hey, if you happen to see your competition failing to listen to customers’ complaints, that might be a big juicy opportunity for you to jump in and save the day.

To find customers/clients, the first thing you can do is include social media contact info on your business. If you hand over receipts, have contact info printed there. You can have it on menus, cocktail napkins, banners, posters, on packaging… make it visible.

Next, look for communities in Google+ related to your field. If you manufacture binoculars, join bird-watching communities, or maybe hook up with a sailing crowd, or… well, we’re trying to find more uses for binoculars but all we’re coming up with is “spying on neighbours”… is there a community for that?

If your business is health-related try fitness communities, diet communities, spa and massage communities, maybe physical therapy circles.

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Look for people who follow the influencers in your field. Or people who follow a company in your industry. Again, look to online versions of magazines and authors and the like… people are reading those periodicals because they’re interested in products or services just like yours.

You can also try locations. Maybe get involved with the local tourist board’s website, or support some local event communities.

The point is to think laterally – don’t limit yourself to purely your product’s immediate environment. Try expanding out to communities that might be, even tangentially, interested in your business.

Continued in next blog post: Google+Guide Part 12- Organising Your Circles [Outsourcing Accounting]

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