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Organising Your Circles

Google+ Guide
Part 12

NOTE: As of April 2019 Google no longer offers the Google+ platform. BOSS offers a free Expert Step-By-Step LinkedIn Guide to Get Your Business Seen Online Click here for the whole guide. Continued from:  Google+ Guide Part 11 Building Your Google+ Business

Organising Your Circles

You’re going to want at least 2 circles – 1 for the people in your industry, and 1 for potential clients/customers.

But as they grow you should think about dividing them up further. You have to consider what kind on interaction any one circle wants with your business.

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If you’re in the food industry, one circle may just be about swapping recipes and that’s it. They’re not going to want you trying to shoehorn in posts about community events you’re involved with.

If you’re in the hardware business, one circle might be about construction tips, while another is purely about equipment reviews.

Always consider your audience. Create circles that want a specific kind of content from you, and interact accordingly. Trying to shove the wrong kind of content in where it’s not wanted will get you the wrong kind of attention and turn people off of your business. At that point you might as well be a Nigerian prince asking for money.

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Consistency, Quality, and Communication

The overall goal of being in Google+ is to create a relevant user base that buys from us, and shares our business with their friends and circles.

We do this by working on our main sub-goal – become the go-to business in our field.

This sub-goal is accomplished by giving people content that does at least one, or a combination of more than one, of the following:

  • Give instructions (recipes, construction instructions, how to fly a kite properly, which kind of fishing lure is best in a certain condition, etc…).
  • Sell our product or service.
  • Entertain people (funny content, preferably but not absolutely necessarily about our field).
  • Inform people (bring them news about our industry).
  • Provide an opportunity to socialize.


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Set yourself a schedule and start providing content that does at least one of the above points with every post. People may not know about your Google+ business page yet, so you’re performing for an empty house at the moment, but when people do start to check out your page you’ll have a backlog ready for them to peruse.

Keep in mind – you don’t have to generate all of this content completely from scratch. Check out the actual news outlets related to your industry to cultivate some content. (If you do use something from someone else, make sure to give credit.)

You can even make this cultivation a part of your schedule – maybe every Thursday you share a bit of wisdom from an industry leader, or maybe share an achievement from one of your customers. Tag it a little with your own comment to make it a bit more “yours.”

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Generally speaking, the narrower your niche at the beginning of your Google+ career, the more likely you are to attract a dedicated following. So if you’re in the hardware business in general, maybe narrow your focus to home repairs that can save homeowners a lot of money if they do it themselves instead of hiring in a professional.

And if you happen to slip in the fact that you sell what you feel is the best kind of toilet snake on the market, well, what’s the harm?

Continued in next blog post: Google+Guide Part 12a- Consistency, Quality, and Communication Continued..

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