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Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn for Your Business

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Part 2

1. You Can Attract Future Hires.

LinkedIn is the networking site for serious recruitment. Resumes and portfolios are all there for you to peruse when on the hunt for some new talent.

More importantly, LinkedIn creates a constant professional presence for your company in the top online hiring hotspot in the world. Your company will be on display for exactly the kind of people you want to hire, and their networks of contacts.

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2. You Spread Your Brand.

LinkedIn is a networking web. As you show off your professionalism your brand will first touch the people closest to you, then they in turn will spread the good news to people they know, and so on. It’s international word-of-mouth at digital-age speeds.

(Don’t be afraid to ask satisfied customers or clients to write you a glowing recommendation on LinkedIn.)

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3. Free Advertising.

LinkedIn lets you create a full profile for your business. This means that you can add SEO to your internet presence to catch more viewers.

If you’re unfamiliar with SEO it stands for Search Engine Optimization. When someone looks for a business just like yours in a search engine like Google or within LinkedIn they type in an SEO keyword or phrase.

So for example a potential client might try “SMSF accountants.” If they want a local business then they might try “SMSF accountants Sydney” or some combination thereof.

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[Non-accountant examples will be in red.] So let’s say you own a tobacco shop called “Stick That in Your Pipe.” Someone looking for you might try “tobacco store” or if they want their search to be more locally refined they might try “tobacco store Sydney.”

These are SEO key phrases, and you want to do your best to “own” these phrases. By owning them you turn up higher in the Google or LinkedIn results. The higher you are in the results the more potential customers are likely to investigate your website or profile over that of your competition.

LinkedIn gives you a chance to build some SEO key phrases into your profile, giving you a better chance to show up higher when someone searches for a business like yours in LinkedIn. This in turn gives you more chances to send these people over to your main website where you can convert them into paying customers.

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4. You Can Target Sales Pitches.

You might not be a generalized firm. Perhaps you want to spend a lot of your time focusing on gaining clients in the small-to-medium business range, as opposed to doing personal income tax work.

Your business might have a specific niche of buyers you want to target. If you’re a business-to-business affair selling ergonomic furniture you may want to focus your efforts on big businesses that have a lot of butts that need office chairs under them.

With LinkedIn you can steer your branding efforts in the right direction by joining select groups of people to interact with, groups full of the right kind of people to recommend you to potential clients. You don’t have to waste time shotgunning your networking efforts in the hopes of possibly hitting a worthwhile target.

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