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Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn for Your Business (Continued…)

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Part 2a

5. You Can Get and Give Outsourcing Referrals.

There may be work that you don’t want to handle in-house. But jumping blindly into outsourcing waters can be a financial and security risk for your business. With LinkedIn you can vet outsource companies through your contacts, and give your own appraisals in return.

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6. You Can Grow Your Industry Presence.

Find business tips. Find out about industry events. Find associations, guilds, and clubs. With LinkedIn you’re going to find groups filled with people and potential customers that you can connect and interact with.

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7. Give and Get Answers.

Running a business is a process where you never stop learning. Sometimes you’re going to run into questions you just don’t have the experience to answer yourself.

By throwing out your questions to your groups you’ll be introducing yourself and your business, and giving someone the chance to be a hero by sharing their knowledge. From such tiny conversational acorns mighty business alliances can grow.

The vice versa of this is that you earn a grateful new contact by doling out wisdom of your own. You can gain respect from your new community by showing off your expertise.

Added bonus – if you answer a bunch of questions then potential customers who take a peek at your group are going to see you being the top authority in that field. What customer isn’t going to want the guy or gal with all the answers to handle their business?

8. You Can Raise Funding.

Your brand and your knowledge will be out there for all to see. As it just so happens some of those viewers are investors looking for their next venture.

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9. You Can Form Business Chains.

You’re one link in your clients’ business chain. Say you handle SMSF accounts. Those SMSF clients may be on the lookout for investor advisors before they turn their files over to you, and they’ll need an independent auditor once you handle the tax work.

With LinkedIn you can find professionals in your business chain to form referral alliances with, shifting files along the chain from them to you and back again.

You’re one link in your clients’ business chain. Let’s say you’re a kitchenware company, specialising in restaurant-grade equipment. Your clients are restaurant owners. If they’re opening a new spot they’ll probably need a furniture store and a produce distributor.

With LinkedIn you can form chains of referral with such providers, recommending your customers to them, and they will do the same for you.

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10. You Can Share Your Website Content.

If you have a blog on your main website (and you should) you can bring that content over to your LinkedIn profile.

Even better, you can target that knowledge to potential customers and clients, including invitations to chat or links back to your LinkedIn profile or main website.

11. You Can Keep Tabs on the Competition.

Your competition is on LinkedIn to connect and show off too. Happily this means you can keep an eye on their personnel, their business practices, and what kind of content they offer to woo customers.

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