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Editing Our Profile on LinkedIn (Continued…)

NOTE: As of April 2019 Google no longer offers the Google+ platform. BOSS offers a free Expert Step-By-Step LinkedIn Guide to Get Your Business Seen Online Click here for the whole guide.

Part 4b

Scrolling further down we come to a box where we detail our Experience. Here we can go into fuller detail about our responsibilities and accomplishments at past and present jobs.

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Two things are recommended for when we’re filling out the experience section.

First, write it in the first person, not in the third person. “I did this, I did that,” not “[Your name here] did this and that.” Think of it as if we’re having a quick conversation with someone, pitching them our services. It’s much more inviting than someone talking about themselves in the third person.

The other recommendation is to break up big blocks of text. Graphics and pictures can help, but it can be as simple as throwing in a bullet-point list here and there.

Next is a box for Education.

Then we come to the box for Skills & Endorsements:

In this section we add tags that show off our abilities. Connections we’ve worked with or know us are then able to endorse those skills. The people who endorse us have their portrait show up beside the skills they have endorsed, as seen above.

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Below the Endorsements box is the Projects section, which is where we can go into detail about the work we did on individual jobs.

And finally there’s a section showing off which Groups we’re following.

The more of the boxes we can add and fill out, the more interesting we’ll be to people who choose to view our profile.

Also, the more boxes we have filled out, the more information LinkedIn has to suggest people we might want to connect with, thereby expanding our network.

One tip – if you add your birthday information, only add the day and month, not the year. The year can be used in identity theft.

A second tip – when we’re reaching out to connect with someone we’re given the option of filling in some text. Personalize the connection invitation. It makes it more likely the person will accept, and relieves them of the obligation of having to ask who the heck we are if we haven’t been in contact for a while.

Never use LinkedIn’s generic invitation text. It’s impersonal and boring and makes it look like we just don’t care if the person connects with us or not.

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So let’s say we’ve checked to see who has looked at our profile recently and we see someone we would like to connect with. Here’s a template of text we can try:

And here’s a template for asking our 1st connections to introduce us to someone:

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Customizing Our URL.

Our URL is the address that appears in the address bar at the top of any web page. When we join LinkedIn we’ll get a default URL that will usually start with a LinkedIn address that is country-specific (like

This will usually be followed by our name and then a bunch of code.

We can modify the end part of this code to be more memorable, more appealing, and to serve us better in Google’s and LinkedIn’s search efforts.

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To do so hit the Profile option at the top of the page. The section we want to edit is at the bottom left of the top white box:

When we hover over the URL address as shown in the red box we’re given a little cog to click. That brings us to a page where we can edit the address:

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We can’t change the first half, but the end bit is all ours. So what phrase should we stick in there to best exemplify the name of our game? It could be our name, business name, or as shown above the name of one of the services we have to offer. Don’t be afraid to experiment, the address can always be edited at a later date.

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