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Contact Info for LinkedIn

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Part 4c

Outsourced accounting services… With a minimum of 50 hours per month only, you can have a dedicated professional accountant!

Let’s tweak our contact info. Go to Profile at the top and choose “Edit Profile” which will bring us to:

Select the small Contact Info box as shown above. This leads us to:

Want all your outsourced accounting services jobs done on a fixed fee basis where you agree to the price before the work starts?

Our email will look a tad more professional if it’s not a generic yahoo or gmail address. If you’ve built your website through one of the DIY sites like Weebly or Wix there should be an option to create an email address that is connected with the site (it will have the same ending, like “dinkage” above, as the name of the actual site).

If that’s not an option slap “create email address” into Google and hunt around.

We also have the options of giving out an Instant Message service, a phone number, a physical location address, a Twitter account, a WeChat account, and finally our Websites.

Outsourced accounting services … With a minimum of 50 hours per month only, you can have a dedicated professional accountant on a fixed-fee basis!

Here’s a little trick for the Websites. Choose edit beside “Websites” to get:

On the left side are those 3 drop-down menus. Choose “Other” for each of them. That lets us enter our own text description for each box instead of taking the premade designations:

If you have any statistics for your website, choose the 3 pages that seem to draw the most visitors (otherwise take your best guess – for example, don’t put a contact form in one of these slots, instead try a services page).

In each of the 3 “Website Title” boxes we’re going to put a little description of the different services what we have to offer (e.g. what customer pains we can alleviate):

Your firm might try “Personal Income Tax,” “Compliance,” “Small Business Bookkeeping”… whatever you have on your menu of offerings.

An account manager for all your outsourced accounting services needs…

So for example if we owned a fitness business we might try “Nutrition,” or “Exercise plans,” or “Simple fitness tips.” We can try anything and everything that our business has to offer, linking back to the corresponding web page.

This gives visitors to our LinkedIn profile more items they can select from our menu, which means there are now more ways to entice them to click through to our main website.

It’s also a little more SEO related to our business for LinkedIn’s search engine to find.

Plus it clearly defines what we do. Some business’ names are vague – say [Your name here] Consulting… but consulting involving what? By editing the text ourselves we can be crystal clear as to what it is we do.

This also means that people who do click through are relevant visitors – they didn’t just stumble onto our site, they came because they’re at the very least interested in what our business has to offer them.

As always, these selections can be edited, so try out different phrases and connected web pages to see which combinations get you the most activity.

If only outsourcing could offer companies outsourced accounting services at a fixed fee rate for all the work…..

BOSS (Back Office Shared Services Pty Ltd) is Australia’s premium outsourced accounting services provider supplying well-trained high-quality accountants and bookkeepers. To discuss your needs and how we can help, Book a Consultation NOW!

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