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Group Discussion Dont’s on LinkedIn

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Part 9

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1. Don’t spam. ‘Nuff said.

2. Don’t mix up promotional posts with general discussion posts (or job posts). When we go to start a new discussion topic (as opposed to commenting on an already ongoing discussion) within any of the groups we belong to we’re given these three options:

Shoving promotional posts into general discussions is tacky and a sure-fire way to get ourselves ostracized.

3. Don’t Get Angry. If someone flames up at us in a discussion we don’t return fire. Instead we keep calm and reply as politely at possible.
This way at the worst we only lose the interest of the one person, instead of losing a whole bunch of people who are turned off by our angry posts. At best, others see that we’re the bigger person, able to keep our professionalism, and we earn some respect.

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4. Don’t “Always Be Closing.” LinkedIn is about networking. We do this by helping others, communicating, and showing off our expertise when we give others a helping hand. What we don’t want to do is be annoying by always trying to sell our services – LinkedIn is not an ongoing advertisement for our business.

LinkedIn Business Pages

Let’s now switch our focus to creating a page for our business, as opposed to our personal page.

Most of our focus in this guide has been on our personal profile page, since LinkedIn is about linking professionals, and not so much about promoting businesses.

But business pages have value too. Here we can post job openings, announce new hires, announce initiatives, send out positive quarterly results, and so on. For a fuller idea of what we can do with a business page, seek out some of the business pages of leading companies in your particular niche and make a note of the kind of posts they make.

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Creating a Business Page
To create our business page look for the “Interests” option along the top of our personal home page. Choose “Companies.”

Down the right side of this page is a “Create a Company Page” option:

We’ll have to fill out the following:

And voila! We should end up with an empty company page that looks a something like this:

At the top left we have our company name (in this case, “zoomUP”). Immediately to the left of that is where our company image would go – a representative face or a logo.

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Make the image bold and easily distinguished when it’s small. Remember, it’s going to be seen on mobile devices too.

Since this is a new company page there isn’t much to see yet. But once we start putting content out it can tell us how many people have looked at it, how many people engaged with it (Liked it, Commented on it, etc…), and so on.

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Scrolling down, Analytics will also give us info on the demographics of our followers and visitors to our business’ page.

Below the picture and company name are three options: Home, Analytics, and Notifications.

Home of course brings us back our company Home page.

Analytics gives us some data on different things:

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