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LinkedIn Business Pages (Continued…)

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Part 9a

And Notifications gives us updates on how much we’ve interacted in a day:

Back on our home page, below those three options is this box:

This is where we create new posts to send out to our Followers. The second of the two boxes lets us choose if we want to send our posts out to all of our Followers, or to a specific targeted audience.

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The final big white box below this is where our company’s description will go. This is our elevator pitch of our company, a clean and precise rendition of what we have to offer. It’s also a good spot to slip in some SEO keywords and phrases so we return higher in LinkedIn’s internal search results.

So for example we might want to mention our location, the services we provide, and of course that we’re an accounting firm.

So if we were a physical therapy outfit called “Rub You the Right Way” we might want to include our location and such phrases as “physical therapy,” “fitness,” “massage,” and so on.

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The idea is to think of all the phrases related to our business that someone might search for in the search bar and include them so we show up in the search results.

We edit all of these features on our company page by hitting that big blue “Edit” button found near the top right of the page.

Here are a couple of examples to provide inspiration. Two things to keep in mind:

  1. These are huge international companies, yes. But there’s absolutely nothing they’re doing with their company pages that we can’t do with ours.
  2. Notice that these companies recognize that their audience on LinkedIn is a professional one – these are people who are interested in the business end of these companies, and not necessarily the more promotional type of posts one would find from the companies on Facebook or Twitter.

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From the Australian accounting world we get some examples from PWC Australia:

Using Our LinkedIn Business Page

Here are some ideas we can use to draw attention to our business page.

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  1. Create a Question.

We can work up a question and then send it out to some of the top influencers in our field. We post their replies, and since they’re influencers we’ll germinate discussions with their followers, all connected to our business’ page.

What kind of questions? They can be very industry-specific, or they can be more general questions that every business leader will need to learn about at some point or other.

“How do you best handle personality conflicts in your team?”

“Have you had positive outsourcing experiences?”

“What kind of help can be found for someone starting a business in [your city here]?”

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  1. Generate Leads.

Just as we’ve worked throughout this guide to generate our own personal profile leads, we can put some effort into generating leads for our business.

We can send out free samples or promotional deals in exchange for reviews or recommendations.

We can politely ask existing customers or clients to write a recommendation.

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  1. Promote Links to Other Social Media Outlets and our Website.

We can embed links to our other platforms throughout our banners and descriptions. It’s also another place for our business’ website blog posts to appear.

  1. Get our Teams Engaged.

It doesn’t just have to be us leader-types doing the work on LinkedIn. If we get our team members going they’ll help spread our brand and show off the expertise we associate with our business. The more spiders spinning, the bigger the web.

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