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Tired of Painful HR Issues With In-House Staff? BOSS’ Online Bookkeeping Service Rids the Worry

A lot of companies have had enough with the whole recruitment process and are looking for ways to simplify or completely remove every stage involved with HR and its many ongoing requirements. BOSS is seeing a big move towards online bookkeeping services amongst every size of businesses. This week Seek announced they would be giving employers the opportunity to mask the names of candidates as they search through their site. They call this the Hide Names tool which they feel will offer hirers a chance to choose a group of talent for their shortlists before knowing what background candidates come from.

The Hide Names tool can be switched on and off throughout the process to see more candidate details. However, although the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found when trialling their own blind recruitment strategy, that 50% more females were hired for senior management roles, another government study found that by not identifying candidates it reduced the probability of hiring women overall. The initiative was set up to address any gender and racial bias when looking for new hires. By focusing on candidates skills and experience rather than their names, potential unconscious bias could be circumvented.

There are lots of things to consider when recruiting and when sending out what seems to be a simple job ad you could be putting off future candidates. So here’s a quick sample of things to think carefully about before posting your job ads:

  1. Are the salaries being offered fair?
  2. Have you considered whether you are being prejudiced with your wording? (This could send out a message about your company for any potential future hires as well, try to think long-term)
  3. Are you telling the whole story to your candidates? (Offering transparency is a must for a happy working environment for both you and your employees)
  4. Is the language suitable for representing your company in your job ad?

Want More Staff But Don’t Want to Bother With Recruiting…… EVER?

If you’ve simply had enough with the whole recruitment process, with its very high costs involved in drawing in the best candidates for your company, training the new recruit with all the expenses involved and then retaining them and you’d like to put all those dollars back into your business, check out BOSS’ newest online bookkeeping service which offers firms a way to remove every recruitment task. BOSS hires, trains and retains staff on your behalf and you’re none the wiser all this is taking or will ever take place!

BOSS now offers businesses “The Freedom Service” and with a commitment of a minimum of 50 hours of work per month, clients can have all their online bookkeeping (and/or accounting) need’s met and are charged on a fixed fee basis. (And all work is performed to your own procedures.) BOSS sales and marketing manager says “We take the risks away for businesses by offering them a way to know how much all their jobs are going to cost them before BOSS begins work on all jobs. Businesses can free up their business finances while removing the nightmare of budget overruns and consequently prevent any business write-offs. The risk lays with BOSS. And I think that’s a true offer of Freedom!”

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