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Which Remote Bookkeeping Software Is Preferred on Usability, Price, Support and Security?

Software programs used by bookkeepers is generally something chosen by the bookkeeper themselves or the company they are working for. Price is often a consideration when purchasing but can long term ease of use make up for up front costs, potentially saving your business thousands in the long run?

A survey performed by The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) asked bookkeepers their thoughts on software used for remote bookkeeping.

“When we asked the feature you are most satisfied with and dissatisfied with for each software company, the responses to our strategic partners differed: MYOB, Reckon, and Xero all received significant positive “Usability” votes, with Intuit QBO receiving a strength vote in “Pricing”. MYOB and Xero both received negative “Price” responses, with Reckon and Intuit QBO suffering on usability.”

Bookkeepers were asked over the last twelve (12) months, please choose the features you are most satisfied with and most dissatisfied with from the following four (4) programs:


XERO:UsabilityPriceAppearanceSupport ServiceSecurity
Satisfied %7291431
Dissatisfied %21436301
RECKON:UsabilityPriceAppearanceSupport ServiceSecurity
Satisfied %6121951
Dissatisfied %461611224
INTUIT QUICKBOOKS:UsabilityPriceAppearanceSupport ServiceSecurity
Satisfied %1771590
Dissatisfied %6129162
MYOB:UsabilityPriceAppearanceSupport ServiceSecurity
Satisfied %68511115
Dissatisfied %22594121

“MYOB remains the dominant software. Phone support by the software companies is preferred, with Online Webinars followed by Video (recorded) as the preferred training.”

When a software program causes the user to waste time fumbling around with day to day usage it may end up causing you more money over time than simply laying out a higher cost in the beginning. Just something to consider if you are looking around for the right software for your business……

BOSS offers all standard Australian remote bookkeeping software. (Just a note that all work provided by our qualified staff is performed in-house. You work never leaves our office):

Bookkeeping Software

  • MYOB all versions
  • Reckon (New Name for QuickBooks)
  • QuickBooks (Old Name)
  • Bank Link
  • Cash flow Manager


And all other standard Australian remote bookkeeping software.

Please check with Back Office Shared Services (BOSS) for any software advice you may need.

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